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Sharebot confirms presentation of compact metalONE 3D printer

Sharebot, an Italian-headquartered developer of desktop and professional grade 3D printers, is ready to launch its first metal system. Scheduled for public presentation at MECSPE Parma on Thursday March 28, 2018, the metalONE is reportedly “one of the smallest 3D metal printers on the market.”

In anticipation of the event later this month Laura Longoni, International Area Manager at Sharebot srl, comments, “Sharebot is growing fast and we have in our product range different type of printers: filament, resin, powder printers and now also a metal printer for R&D.”

The metalONE’s MECSPE debut will be made at 11am local time, at Sharebot’s stand, K48.

Demo imagery of the metalONE 3D printer. Image via Sharebot
Demo imagery of the metalONE 3D printer. Image via Sharebot

What we know about the Sharebot metalONE

Though still ahead of public release, Sharebot has released some of the metalONE’s specifications to the press.

Supporting the assertion of its compact size, the metalONE has a footprint measuring 740 x 630 x 1000 mm, and weighs 150 kg. It has a print area measuring 65 x 65 x 100 mm, and it is therefore ideal for conducting material tests.

The company is marketing its metalONE systems to universities and research laboratories, though full details of pricing have not yet been revealed. Typically, the company’s industrial 3D printers only provide price information on request.

In addition to its lab-ready size, one of the most important features of the metalONE is its filtration system. As the machine operates an inert nitrogen environment, a group of three filters on this circuit ensures that air leaving the printer is free of metal particles.

Building on laser intelligence

A laser-based metal 3D printer, the metalONE is reportedly based on Sharebot’s success with the SnowWhite SLS system. Released in 2016, the SnowWhite is a CO2 laser-powdered worktop-sized machine, with a build area measuring 100 x 100 x 100 mm. Since launch, Sharebot has sold over fifty SnowWhite 3D printers to date, and is hopeful of further success in the addition of another technology to its portfolio.

Like the SnowWhite, the metalONE is a single laser 3D printer though, of course, it operates a higher powered 1070μm 200W laser.

Building is controlled on the metalONE though a 14″ inch touch screen. The machine also has an integrated webcam and LAN connection enabling remote monitoring.

Touch screen interface of the Sharebot metalONE. Image via Sharebot
Touch screen interface of the Sharebot metalONE. Image via Sharebot

For more information on the metalONE, Sharebot is inviting potential customers to stand K48 at MECSPE, Parma, from 28 – 30 March, 2019.

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Featured image shows a teaser image for the metalONE 3D printer. Image via Sharebot