Shapeways Takes Submissions for 3D Printing Bazaar in NY

Shapeways will extend its launch project showcasing 3D printing designers, artists and coders to vendors in a Bazaar featured in New York. The bazaar will run across two days — October 18th and 19th. Registration is fairly simple and linked on the Shapeways blog announcement for the bazaar. Located in Manhattan, Shapeways designers will be afforded the opportunity to display and sell at what Shapeways calls a 3D Printing Bazaar. According to the company, there will be no cost for registration and a table will be provided to sell your wares or channel to online sales.

Shapeways Event 3D Printing

The registration form asks for your name, Shapeways Shop URL, email, availability for the bazaar dates, willingness to invest in inventory for the event, a description of your product and aesthetics, and any questions you might have. A relatively painless submission form.  There is no information on space available or table location or even a specific site for the event. I would recommend following up after submitting your registration. While the table is free in Manhattan, arriving in the Big Apple is a private matter. Shapeways does promise to promote the event and host other 3D printing events during the bazaar. For those with the means, it promises to be a wonderful opportunity to display goods while networking with fellow 3D printing enthusiasts ranging from designers to artists and coders and everyone in between them. New York has a history as a mecca for inspiration as a nexus for Americana and as a worldly port literally and figuratively, so an event showcasing the myriad commercial products Shapeways users concoct makes sense and should be exciting for those with the means to attend.

Source: Shapeways