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Sculpteo Figures on Pacific Rim

A recent project undertaken by Sculpteo, the French 3D printing service provider, saw the company collaborating with french communication agency MNSTR to promote the new Guillermo del Toro movie Pacific Rim produced by Warner Bros.

MNSTR, who was handling some promotions for the film, was working on a specific project that involved producing personalized figurines of ten very influential bloggers — fully kitted in a Pacific Rim pilot suit — as part of a very cool “buzz Box” created and sent out by MNSTR. The box also contained a full survival kit along with the figurine, all bundled up in some awesome packaging.

Pacific Rim Montage 3D Printing

As you would expect, Sculpteo handled the 3D printing job. And a great job they did too — I’m sure there’s an app for that!! Or there likely will be soon.

Pacific Rim is in cinemas now, it is a kind of alien, sci-fi, action genre mix — if you haven’t seen it. The trailer offers a good taster. Not really my scene, but I know plenty of people that loved it.

Source: Sculpteo