Sciaky’s EBAM systems adopted by FAMAero for optimized metal 3D printing

Sciaky, Inc., creator of the award-winning Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM) system, has announced the delivery of its technology to FAMAero, a privately-owned metal 3D printed parts bureau based in Michigan.

With its custom EBAM system FAMAero, an abbreviation for Future Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace, intends to provide cost and time efficient 3D printed components and prototypes for its clients within the aerospace, defense, oil & gas, and sea exploration industries.

Don Doyle, President of FAMAero, comments, “Our Factory as a Service concept, combined with Sciaky’s industry-leading EBAM technology, will provide manufacturers a new avenue to significantly slash time and cost on the production of critical parts, while offering the largest build platform and selection of exotic metals to choose from in the 3D parts service market.”

Sciaky EBAM 110 system
Sciaky EBAM 110 system. Photo via Sciaky.

North America’s first private metal 3D printing bureau

According to Doyle, FAMAero is the first private, dedicated parts bureau in North America for large-scale 3D printed metal parts. With a somewhat untapped market, the company, which was founded in 2008, plans on leveraging Sciaky’s EBAM system to fully meet the production means of its customers.

“FAMAero is well-positioned to be North America’s go-to source for fast and affordable metal 3D printed parts and prototypes,” said Scott Phillips, President and CEO of Sciaky, Inc.

“Based on recent market dynamics, we believe FAMAero is on the cusp of a burgeoning trend in the metal 3D printing marketplace, which will undoubtedly grow globally over time.”

The EBAM process. Clip via Sciaky, Inc.
The EBAM process. Clip via Sciaky, Inc.

The custom EBAM system

The custom EBAM system installed at FAMAero is said to be the “world’s largest production metal 3D printer”. With an official build envelope of 3708 mm x 1575 mm x 1575 mm, FAMAero is now capable of printing metal parts over 3.6 m (12 feet) long.

Exclusive to Sciaky, the EBAM system utilizes wire feedstock and an electron beam heat source inside a vacuum chamber to 3D print an object. The time-efficient part production of the EBAM system is attributed to its fast deposition rates, which ranges from 3. 18 – 11.34 kg (7- 25 lbs) of metal per hour.

This unique system provided Sciaky with record sales in December 2017. Nonprofit applied scientific R&D organization, Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC), has also recently leveraged Sciaky EBAM system to meet the increasing demand for large-scale additively manufactured metal parts through a strategic partnership.

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Featured image shows the open build chamber on the Sciaky EBAM 150 Metal 3D Printing System. Photo via Sciaky, Inc.