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Roland DG releases new dental 3D printer under DGSHAPE subsidiary

Japanese company Roland DG has released two new machines, including a 3D printer, for the dental industry, the DWP-80S and the DWX-52DC. Having recently formed the DGSHAPE subsidiary to manage their 3D printing business, these releases are the first under the new branding.

The DWP-80S is a dental 3D printer, while the DWX-52DC is an automated milling machine. Roland DGA’s Product Manager of Dental Solutions explained the difference in their applications,

The DWP-80S, Roland’s first 3D printer specifically designed for dental applications, expands the field of digital dentistry, while the DWX-52DC ramps up automation to optimize dental restoration productivity and efficiency.


Denture components 3D printed on the DWP-80S. Image via Roland DG.
Denture components 3D printed on the DWP-80S. Image via Roland DG.

Dental 3D Printer

The DWP-80S “provides a remarkably simple solution for precision 3D printing of custom trays, base plates and frameworks required for dentures.” The DLP device allows more than one object to be printed at once with an 80mm x 80mm x 80mm build platform.

The machine also comes with Roland’s Quick Denta software which allows printing in three simple steps. Once the user uploads an STL file, “Quick Denta software not only detects and heals errors but also does all the complex digital set-up for you.” Dwight Blair spoke about how this will impact the dental industry,

The new DWP-80S is a game changer in that it helps automate several of the most technical and precise parts of the fabrication process. Automating this dying art will allow labs of the future to keep up with existing customer demands.


DWP-80S workflow. Image via DGSHAPE.
The DWP-80S workflow. Image via DGSHAPE.


Dental milling machine

The DWX-52DC milling machine is “designed to greatly expand your lab production and profit.” The machine enables automated dental milling and has a 6-slot Automatic Disc Changer. In addition, the machine has a 15-station Automatic Tool Changer which means it can be left with “complete unattended confidence.

The DWX-52DC machine. Image via DGSHAPE.
The DWX-52DC machine. Image via DGSHAPE.

Advancing 3D printed dentistry

3D printing has significant application for the dental industry, as the Dubai Health Authority has noted, since it allows for the rapid production of specific custom parts. The Dubai Health Authority recently unveiled plans to begin 3D printing teeth later this year. The introduction of machines like the DWP-80S and the DWX-52DC will help implement 3D printing into this industry.

Roland DG’s Dwight Blair expects these new machines to further use of the technology as he says,

I have no doubt that the advanced capabilities of these new, state-of-the-art DGSHAPE products will help significantly improve dental fabrication.

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Featured image shows the DWP-80S 3D printer. Image via Roland DG.