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Roland DG Releases Its First DLP 3D Printer & A New Desktop Milling Machine Under MonoFab Brand

The MonoFab series is Roland DG’s latest line of desktop fabrication and rapid prototyping machines, and includes the company’s first 3D printer the ARM-10 as well as a new small-scale milling machine called the SRM-20.

Digital fabrication and wide-format printer manufacturer Roland DG is pretty clearly going after the desktop 3D printer market with its new prosumer line of manufacturing machines. You can see a video about the MonoFab line of desktop additive and subtractive rapid prototyping machines here:

“The monoFab series desktop fabrication tools are the culmination of over 25 years of experience in 3D milling,” said Roland DG’s 3D product manager Rachel Hammer. “By combining the capabilities of these advanced rapid prototyping machines, users can select the best method for their workflow, from concept to production. Now, designers have greater opportunities to turn their ideas into reality.”

monofab_arm10The ARM-10 3D printer uses a Digital Light Processing (DLP) projection system to cure individual layers of resin with UV light. The ARM-10 uses ImageCure photopolymer resin, which will harden with a semi-transparent finish that is easy to polish and clean. The build envelope is 5.11inch x 2.75inch x 2.75inch (130mm x 70mm x 70mm) and completely enclosed in a cabinet to protect the resin from outside sources of light. The list price for the ARM-10 is $6,995 or a monthly lease cost of $147.

Roland DG currently manufactures several large-scale milling machines, however the SRM-20 incorporates several new prototyping technologies, including a new milling spindle, an independent collet and the latest electronics and firmware. The desktop subtractive manufacturing machine is capable of milling most rapid prototyping materials, including ABS, acrylic, wood, and modeling wax. The entire machine is completely encased in a cover to prevent milling debris or excess noise from escaping. The list price for the SRM-20 is $4,995.


Both desktop machines use Roland DG’s proprietary MonoFab Player AM software, which includes automatic support application, mesh simplification, resin volume estimation and the ability to adjust scale, rotate or duplicate the file. Both desktop machines include Roland OnSupport, so any updates to the firmware or software will be installed automatically.

You can find out more about Roland DGA’s new MonoFab line on their website.