Robo 3D establish two-way development agreement with colorFabb

Californian 3D printer developer Robo3D (ASK:RBO) has signed an agreement with Dutch filament producer colorFabb.

The partnership is to expand Robo’s distribution base across the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, and stock/resell complementary colorFabb materials to the growing prosumer and professional market.

colorFabb offers a range of 3D printer filaments including PLA/PHA and PETG (picture above). Photo via colorFabb
colorFabb offers a range of 3D printer filaments including PLA/PHA and PETG (picture above). Photo via colorFabb

From strength to strength

Robo 3D first launched in December 2012 with the release a Kickstarter campaign. Since then, the company has successively launched 3D printers via the same crowdfunding platform and, following acquisition by mining and metals company Falcon Minerals (ASX:FCN), became listed on the Australian Securities Exchange November 2016.

In its most recent round of funding, the company raised AUD$1.8 million (USD$1.37 million) and has used it to scale-up production capacity.

A “huge validation” for Robo 3D

“We are tremendously excited to announce our two-way partnership with colorFabb.” says Ryan Legudi, Managing Director at Robo 3D, “This is a huge validation for our company, and our printers, as colorFabb has completed the most extensive testing of our printers to date.”

Legudi maintains that with the release of the Robo R2 model, the company is strategically positioning itself within the emerging prosumer, i.e. inventors, service bureaus, and professional, i.e. industrial designers, engineering firms, market segments.

He adds, “With an established global distribution footprint extending into 60+ countries, colorFabb will be able to leverage Robo’s products to its already vast customer base.”

Expanding into new materials

After months in testing, colorFabb filaments have emerged perfectly tuned to Robo C2 and R2 3D printers.

Robo C2 and R2 3D printer models. Image via Robo
Robo C2 and R2 3D printer models. Image via Robo

colorFabb founder Ruud Rouleaux comments, “Early this year we started working with the Robo 3D team and have become extremely impressed by the level of professionalism and dedication that Robo 3D is investing in their new line of Desktop 3D Printers.”

In addition to an agreement for resale and distribution, the partners will be working together to bring a range of new materials to market.

Legudi concludes, “Developing our filament strategy has been a major strategic priority for our Company, and we are looking forward to working closely with colorFabb to not only improve the user experience for our customers, but to also grow the industry through expanding the products that can be produced from our printers and opening up new user opportunities”.

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Featured image: Robo R2 3D printer. Photo via Robo 3D

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