Jabil becomes first commercial customer of DragonFly 2020 3D printer

3D printed electronics company Nano Dimension (NASDAQ: NNDM) has announced its first commercial partnership with global manufacturing services firm Jabil (NYSE: JBL).

The agreement is the start of Nano Dimension’s aforementioned sales transition period outlined by company CEO Amit Dror alongside Q2 2017’s financial results.

Rapid adoption of new manufacturing technologies

In a bid to become the “most technologically advanced manufacturing solutions provider on the planet” Jabil has been quick to adopt 3D printing technologies into its capabilities.

In December 2016, the firm became North America’s first recipient of HP’s Multi-Jet Fusion 3D printers and now, as per Nano Dimension’s terms, it will lease a DragonFly 2020 3D PCB printer to add to its services.

Dragonfly2020 Printer by Nano Dimension. Image via Nano Dimension.
Dragonfly2020 Printer by Nano Dimension. Image via Nano Dimension.

Production line efficiency needs 3D printing

Jabil has particular expertise “in integrating new technologies into traditional manufacturing processes and environments,” meaning that the lease could be key to introducing Nano Dimension technology to vital electronics supply chains.

As part of our future of 3D printing thought leadership series Simon Fried, the co-founder and CBO of Nano Dimension, writes “Established contract manufacturing companies such as Flex and Jabil are looking at how 3D printing can be adopted not just as a powerful tool for faster and more cost efficient prototyping, but also as a tool for improving the way in which manufacturing operates.”

“In other words,” continues Fried “can they [contractors] 3D-print part of the manufacturing process themselves? The truth is, production line efficiency and flexibility moving forward will almost certainly require 3D printing to be used in either the end-product or as part of the machine making the end part, or both.”

PCB Design Layer. Image via Nano Dimension
PCB Design Layer. Image via Nano Dimension

Future impact

Interestingly Rush LaSelle, Jabil Director of Digital Manufacturing, commented on the 3D printing supply chain – also in the Future of 3D Printing series.

In the article, he writes, “As companies work through the exacting process of qualifying machines, processes, materials and parts, the transformation will accelerate such that in five years [additive] will represent a measurable impact on a $13 trillion market.”

Jabil’s lease of DragonFly 2020 also follows the conclusion of Nano Dimension’s beta testing program, to which the company has confirmed it “achieved its targets” and, according to CEO Amit Dror, “built a positive brand within our target audiences.”

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Featured image: Arduino board 3D printed on a DragonFly 2020. Photo via Nano Dimension