RadTech opens support to startups and students working in UV+EB 3D printing

UV+EB photopolymer chemistry nonprofit RadTech has opened its call for applications to the RadLaunch 2020 technology accelerator program. Created to help a new generation of photopolymer technologies reach commercialization, submissions are open to anyone, students, startups and innovators, with ideas serving the cutting edge of this modality. If successful, applicants stand to win a monetary grant,the chance to exhibit at RadTech 2020 (with travel expenses), marketing support and invaluable industry introductions to help in the next stage of their project.

“I would like RadLaunch to serve as critical support to innovative companies as they take their first steps on the road to commercialization,” comments Dr. Mike J. Idacavage Chair of the RadLaunch program and former President of RadTech. “While the funding is very helpful at this point of a project,” Dr. Idacavage adds, “I believe one of the most valuable things that RadLaunch offers is an introduction to the companies such as material suppliers, equipment suppliers and end users that can furnish support and guidance as the RadLaunch winner develops their project.”

For the RadLaunch Class of 2020, interested parties can apply now until December 2, 2019. If successful, applications will be notified in early January 2020.

“RadLaunch along with the amazing people involved in it are a cornerstone in our evolution,” comments Nir Waiskopf, a former RadLaunch winner from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. “[At RadTech] they gave us the best stage one can ask for to introduce ourselves,”

“They directed the spotlights towards us, connected us to the key players in the photocuring arena and provided us further consulting tools towards the commercialization of our technology.”

Supporting the future of photopolymer 3D printing

Founded in 1986, RadTech is an international forum supporting the development and dissemination of UV+EP photopolymers. It launched the RadTech exhibition in 1986, and held its most recent instalment in 2019 at the BIG IDEAS for UV+EB Technology Conference in Redondo Beach, CA. Building on the community built by RadTech cover the years Matthew Stellmaker, an attendee and co-founder of Poly6 Technologies itself a startup founded in 2016, was the first person to propose the idea of opening up opportunities through the RadLaunch accelerator. 

“As we were just starting up, RadTech members welcomed us, and generously offered their expertise to assist in our efforts to build our technology and our company,” says Stellmaker. This sentiment was then used by Stellmaker to suggest the creation of a unique UV+EB technology ‘knowledge’ based accelerator. Since then, RadLaunch has supported the work of more than 12 companies and individuals, counting MicroMaker3D, Ares Materials, Daetec, LLC and Origin among its beneficiaries. 

Matthew Pearlson, creator of The Foam Printing Project and another former winner of the RadLaunch accelerator adds, “RadLaunch optimized the trajectory of my startup…I highly recommend any startup in the Radiation Technology space to apply and take advantage of this tremendous opportunity.”

Three Origin One 3D printers at RAPID + TCT 2019. Photo by Beau Jackson
Origin One photopolymer 3D printers from Origin, a former beneficiary of the RadLaunch accelerator. Photo by Beau Jackson

Apply for RadLaunch 2020

To be eligible for selection in RadLaunch 2020, applicants are expected to have an early prototype and minimal viable product or proof of concept ready to outline. Details of this are submitted via an online form, including some general questions about the team and affiliations.

If selected by the RadTech panel, winning applicants will receive:

– A sum of at least $1,000 in cash (allocated per applicant).

– An additional travel grant up to $1,500 to attend RadTech 2020 conference, March 8-11, 2020 in Orlando, Florida.

– A free exhibit opportunity at RadTech 2020.

– Presentation slot and recognition at RadTech 2020.

– Write up in UV+EB Technology Magazine.

– And the opportunity to host a webinar.

Applications will remain open until December 2, 2019. Questions about the submission process can be sent to Gary Cohen, Executive Director, at the RadTech—UV+EB Technology Association.

Apply here to be part of the RadLaunch Class of 2020.

UV+EB photopolymer technologies. Image via RadLaunch
UV+EB photopolymer technologies. Image via RadLaunch

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Featured image shows RadLaunch 2020 header. Image via RadTech