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Q&A with Nanogrande – Formnext 2018 startup challenge winner

This week the additive manufacturing industry gathers in Frankfurt, Germany for the annual Formnext tradeshow. In addition to the large and established enterprises are the winners of the 2018 Formnext startup challenge. 3D Printing Industry caught up with these companies to find out more.

Juan Schneider, founder of Nanogrande.
Juan Schneider, founder of Nanogrande.

3D Printing Industry: When was your company founded and where are operations based?

Nanogrande was founded by Juan Schneider, M.Sc., in 2014. This is his second company. Nanogrande is a Montreal-based company, a city famous for its specialization on IT and artificial intelligence, important elements for the future development of Nanogrande.

3D Printing Industry: What does your company do?

Nanogrande produce and sell the world’s first nano additive manufacturing system capable of assembling layers of metal particles as small as one nanometer. In addition, Nanogrande provides the particles and consumables to be used with its printers. Finally, Nanogrande provides parts to customers with the need of support for small-scale production and R&D.

3D Printing Industry: How does your company fit into the additive manufacturing ecosystem?

We are established in a unique market requiring high resolution and microns and sub micron scale manufacturing. Our MPL-1 system, works with our proprietary Power Layering Technology producing highly-packed dense layers of particles breaking down the barrier of materials and opening up new horizons for additive manufacturing with true creative freedom.

3D Printing Industry: What are you hoping to gain from exhibiting at formnext 2018?

This will be our first step in Europe and we hope to establish long term relations with potential clients and investors. As a start up, we wish to make our space and credibility as a serious player in this highly competitive market.

3D Printing Industry: How would you describe the roadmap for your enterprise over the coming years?

We have to be ready for a fast growing request for our systems. The MPL-1 will be launched in Atlanta on November 6th and is our first commercial product. This system was created for the production of small parts that can fit inside a 100x100x25 mm build volume. The MPL-100 is presently under development and will have a much larger volume, more than 10 times the MPL-1. We expect this product to hit the market in 2019. To complete our offer, we are working on a third unit for non-metallic particles such as Carbon Nano Tubes (CNTs). Combining printers, consumables and services we think our offer will satisfy a fast growing market with huge potential.

3D Printing Industry: Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about?

For sure, thousands of things! We welcome all to visit us at booth 3.1 B30U. We will be happy to describe the benefits and process with our visitors.

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