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Q&A with AdditiveLab: formnext 2019 start-up challenge winner

Formnext 2019 opens it’s doors next week. With a record-breaking number of exhibitors, visitors may be pressed for time when it comes to seeing everything the largest 3D printing show has to offer. Earlier this year 3D Printing Industry took part in judging the annual formnext start-up challenge. Five winners were selected, and those companies will be in Frankfurt next week. 

Ahead of the show, we will be presenting each of the winners, but make sure you visit the start-up area to meet these additive manufacturing up and comers. 

Today’s Q&A is with AdditiveLab, a start-up focused on simulation software for additive manufacturing.

AdditiveLab software. Image via AdditiveLab.
AdditiveLab software. Image via AdditiveLab.

3D Printing Industry: When was your company founded and where are operations based?

AdditiveLab: Our operations are based in Leuven – a small Belgian city – buzzing with Additive Manufacturing printing and software activities. Our founders have been working in AM for over a decade and jointly founded AdditiveLab BVBA in 2018.

3D Printing Industry: What does your company do?

AdditiveLab: At AdditiveLab we offer novel Additive Manufacturing (AM) simulation software. AdditiveLab is currently the only platform that enables the creation of customized models for AM processes simulation. Our company offers two versions of AdditiveLab; AdditiveLab RESEARCH, a product for advanced simulation engineers with access to in-depth simulation functionality, and AdditiveLab LITE, a cost-effective and easy-to-use product specifically tailored to the production needs of CAD and CAM engineers with no simulation background. 

With AdditiveLab RESEARCH users can simulate the AM process on scales ranging from micro-scale scanning path simulations up to simulating entire build configurations to understand, predict, and optimize manufacturing outcomes. In addition to that, researchers can create their own simulation applications and automated workflows via Python scripts for use by other design teams, manufacturing departments, test labs, and customers.

AdditiveLab LITE offers a minimalistic interface with highly automated model generation automation, enabling AM engineers with no simulation background to have an easy way of predicting the manufacturing outcomes. 

With AdditiveLab we provide a unique, efficient and scalable AM process simulation solution in the market that addresses the needs of a broad range of users enabling them to solve AM production challenges with different levels of complexity.

3D Printing Industry: How does your company fit into the additive manufacturing ecosystem?

AdditiveLab: We are focusing on the AM simulation technology for Selective Laser Melting applications and growing into Direct Energy Deposition solutions. We position ourselves as the experts of highly customizable and scalable AM simulation solutions. Our current solutions allow for integration  in workflows of designers, AM machine engineers and researchers for predicting their SLM processes and increasing their production success rates. 

3D Printing Industry: What are you hoping to gain from exhibiting at Formnext 2019?

AdditiveLab: The unique opportunity for us to exhibit this year in the formnext Startup-Area will increase our product exposure in the AM market. We want to gain visibility on our simulation technology with industrial and academic end-users and establish partnerships with end to end AM software solution providers and machine manufacturers with interesting SLM and DED solutions.

3D Printing Industry: How would you describe the roadmap for your enterprise in the coming years?

AdditiveLab: Additive Manufacturing remains a fast-paced and constantly evolving field with innovations on a daily basis. We as software providers aim to continue to provide software solutions that will greatly aid in further advancing AM technologies and its applications. One of our major focus areas on our roadmaps is the development of DED simulation solutions that we will be launching soon.

3D Printing Industry: Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about?

AdditiveLab: In the AM world, it is still a common perception that simulation is something done by simulation experts. AM engineers are often hesitant to utilize simulation themselves. High software acquisition costs and complicated software usage often keep engineers from further exploring the advantages of predictive AM simulations. We would like the readers to know that with our AdditiveLab software products we specifically tailored solutions to address exactly those concerns. Besides our advanced simulation solutions, we are also providing cost-effective solutions with intuitive workflows for engineers that want to benefit from the predictive power of simulation. 

AdditiveLab will be in hall 12, floor 0 at booth B81G, you can read more about the company here.

The 3D Printing Industry team will be back in Frankfurt for formnext next week. Get in touch if you’d like to meet. If you can’t attend the show, then follow our social media accounts on Twitter, Facebookand LinkedIn.

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Featured image shows AdditiveLab co-founders. Christian Rossmann and Mariam Mir. Photo via AdditiveLabs.