Printrbot Runs a 12 Days AFTER Christmas Sale

From its website, Printrbot, the entry level 3D printer company that sells its proprietary 3D printers and a host of ancillaries, is doing a daily deal of one item – some currently in the store, some brand new – each of the 12 days after Christmas. Anyone wanting to take advantage of this deal should check out the 12 day sale page to see what the deal of the day will be!

The sale offers Printrbot users the chance to get some of the best deals on filament, hot end tips, power towers and more.

In a further update from Printrbot, the website provides a note about the new Print Bed Stabilizer, which apparently has “been selling like crazy!” The print bed stabilizer is a simple yet extremely effective improvement that reportedly will make zip ties obsolete on this part of the ‘bot. Users receive all the wood and hardware needed to build it in and assembly instructions are due at help.printrbot.com soon.

Source: Printrbot