Printathon: University of Brandeis, Massachusetts presents a 3D printing hackathon

The University of Brandeis, Massachusetts will host a 3D printing hackathon. The Printathon is scheduled for March 25-26 and organized by the university’s 3D printing club, Deis3D.

The fourth annual event will present students with a task or theme that they must solve using 3D printing. Forming teams of six, they will be given 24 hours to meet the deadline, this includes required printing time.

3D printing has become a firm favorite in hackathon type events and the wider community. As we reported 3D printing was the subject of several talks during the Chaos Communication Congress, where numerous 3D printing enthusiasts were also in attendance.

The 3D printing hackathon. Image via Deis3D.
The 3D printing hackathon. Image via Deis3D.

The Printathon 

At the Deis3D event teams of students will be given a problem-solving task on the Saturday morning and must provide their 3D printing solution on the following Sunday at 11am. Students do not have to be from Brandeis University to enter, and students from high schools are also welcome. All 3D printing must be using an FFF machine, and students may bring their own 3D printers.

Notable creations from previous Printathon’s include a braille smartphone keyboard, a hand-powered drill dress and a modular beekeeping enclosure. The team with the best entry are in line to win a prize provided by their sponsors, MakerBox, Simplify3D or Delta Maker. The designs will be judged by a panel of “industry leaders and technology specialists.”

Previous themes of the event include ‘Living off the Grid’, and ‘Solutions to Disabilities’. We’ve seen how 3D printing can be used for the creation of prosthesis before. Prosthesis company, Open Bionics, were recently awarded $1 million for their 3D printed bionic arms

The 3D printed modular beekeeping enclosure. Photo via Deis3D.
The 3D printed modular beekeeping enclosure. Photo via Deis3D.

How to get involved

In order to attend the event, you need to register on their event page. Entrants may enter alone and form a team on the day with others. Entry to the event is free and participants will be provided with food and drinks.

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Featured image shows a previous Printathon. Photo via Deis3D.