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Ortur launches new high 20W laser engraver with colour marking capability

Laser engravers and cutters manufacturer Ortur has announced the launch of its latest product, dubbed Ortur Laser Master 3 LU3-20A

This latest machine represents a substantial improvement compared to earlier models. It presents numerous features that enhance its functionality as a laser engraver suitable for both hobbyists and professionals. One standout characteristic of this machine is its formidable 20W laser, which enables it to effectively engrave and cut various materials such as wood, acrylic, leather, and fabric.

“At ORTUR, we are committed to supporting creative individuals and businesses with state-of-the-art laser technology,” says ORTUR’s CEO Eason.” With a new upgrade, the Ortur 20W Laser Master combines precision, versatility and affordability, making it the perfect choice for any customer looking to enhance their efficiency and creativity.”

A machine with superior cutting capabilities

The Ortur Laser Master 3 LU3-20A boasts a novel 20W laser power allowing for superior cutting capabilities. By utilizing advanced coupling technology, the machine achieves a spot compression size of 0.08 x 0.08mm. With this higher-power laser output, it can effectively function as a potent acrylic cutting machine, comparable to an industrial CNC Cutter. This laser engraver can cut through 10mm basswood plywood, 15mm pine board, and 8mm black acrylic in a single pass, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking a laser machine with better cutting ability. It is important to note that the cutting capacity depends on the laser’s output power rather than the machine’s power.

The Ortur Laser Master 3 LU3-20A laser engraver. Image via Ortur.

The engraver comes with an included 50L air assist pump. This feature serves a dual purpose: enhancing the precision and visual appeal of the laser cutting process while also improving overall efficiency and time savings. The laser air assist system effectively and rapidly reduces the surface temperature of objects being engraved or cut. This results in cleaner and sharper edges, contributing to a more refined finished product.

The Ortur 20W laser module in the LU3-20A model incorporates COS chip packaging technology, resulting in enhanced precision. By using spatial combining, four laser chips are precisely welded within the tube’s core, leading to improved accuracy and the generation of smaller square laser spots (measuring 0.08 x 0.08mm). As an upgrade from the LU2-10A, the LU3-20A maintains the dual fan design and built-in air assist while optimizing the layout of the dual fans for improved functionality and aesthetics. This laser engraver boasts a maximum processing speed of 20000mm/min, allowing users to swiftly and effectively complete their engraving projects.

The engraver offers higher precision and power. Image via Ortur.

Versatile and safe for all engraving and cutting needs

The ORTUR 20W laser cutter supports TF Card/USB/Wi-Fi/APP control. Its user-friendly Laser Explorer app is compatible with iPhones, Android Phones, iPad, and Android Pad. Users can easily drag the NC file to the SD card, start the machine, and continue engraving without needing a computer or phone connection. This allows for convenient long-term printing without interruptions or location restrictions.

Additionally, the laser cutter includes a low gravitational center structure for stability, an advanced 11th generation laser motherboard (OLM-ESP-PRO-V2.4C), direct printing without G-code transfer, customizable original point setup, fireproof and anti-laser glass lenses for eye protection. The powerful 20w laser beam is also capable of marking stainless steel in over 380 color choices through chemical reaction, allowing users to add a vibrant touch or functional touch to their work, says the company.

Color engraving on metal. Image via Ortur.

The Ortur 20W laser engraver incorporates a range of seven safety protection systems to create a secure environment for engraving and cutting tasks. These systems include a Safety Lock (for professional use only), Active Position Protection, Sloping Position Protection, Exposure Duration Detection and Limitation, Voltage and Current Safety Control System, Host Computer Watchdog, and an Emergency Stop Switch. Together, these features ensure a safe working environment for users during engraving and cutting operations.

Ortur has also released a First-Release Offer starting from July 3rd to August 3rd, UTC

Follow the Amazon link to avail the offer.

Get the Ortur Laser Master 3 LU3-20A for just $999.99 (US/AU) or $1099.99 (EU) using code “GET200”. Additionally, users can receive a free Ortur Universal Raisers 1.0 ($59.99 value). Follow the official link.

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Featured image shows the Ortur Laser Master 3 LU3-20A laser engraver. Image via Ortur.