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OLO is #5 most successful 3D printer on Kickstarter ever

We’ve followed OLO project on Kickstarter since launch one month ago (and in fact for even longer) and we were excited to see them going big. The campaign has just finished minutes ago, and the final numbers are now public: OLO is the #5 most funded 3D printer of all times, falling short 20 grands to pass #4 3Doodler.

#1 M3D $3,401,361 11,855 backers 05/2014
#2 Tiko $2,950,874 16 538 backers 04/2015
#3 Form 1 $2,945,885 2,068 backers 10/2012
#4 3Doodler $2,344,135 26,457 backers 03/2013
#5 OLO $2,321,811 16,180 backers 04/2016

Now we whish them all the best to match the huge expectations of the backers! We will definitely keep an eye on their progress.

Other campaigns still going on include the all-metal Trinus 3D printer ($890,837, 1,852 backers, 10 days left), Slash, a new DLP resin printer at a price point under $1000 ($350,925, 364 backers, 7 days left), and on Indiegogo the AVOC 3D, a super cheap and fast FDM printer ($4,865, 35 backers, just started yesterday). There’s also Polymaker’s PolySmooth and their Polysher, which you can have a quick look at as well.