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New Tygon Ink 1000 UV Ink Transfer Tubing

Ultra-Chemical Resistant Tubing for Universal UV Ink Transfer in 3D Printing Applications

Saint-Gobain, a leading manufacturer of polymer transfer tubing, today announced the release of a new product development within the 3D printing and additive manufacturing market.

Saint-Gobain has partnered with ink manufacturers, printer integrators, and printer OEMs over the past two years to develop a “universal UV ink tubing”. This is something that the industry at large has been searching for since popularization of UV inks in the additive manufacturing space. 

Saint-Gobain's universal UV ink tubing Tygon Ink 1000. Photo via Saint-Gobain.
Saint-Gobain’s universal UV ink tubing Tygon Ink 1000. Photo via Saint-Gobain.

Designed specifically for UV ink transfer-based printing applications. Tygon Ink 1000 features UV blocking layer, chemically inert inner tube that maintains ink integrity throughout the printing process. “This product has been tested extensively with many of the harshest UV ink components and has met or exceeded industry standard testing.” Jiezhu Jin, R&D Scientist. “We feel confident that this will be a universal solution for any UV ink systems.”

Flexibility and ease of use in the field were key technical targets through the development. As a result Tygon Ink 1000 has an excellent balance between flexibility and chemical resistance, allowing end customers to have freedom to design their system without design constraints from the tubing. 

Tygon Ink 1000 is an ideal choice for 3D printing systems, binder jetting, material jetting, and other related types of UV based printing systems.For additional information read the product datasheet or contact Saint-Gobain directly.

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Featured image shows Saint-Gobain’s universal UV ink tubing Tygon Ink 1000. Photo via Saint-Gobain.