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New Startup Kickstarter for Desktop 3D Printer

iNTEGRATOR is a small, desktop SLA 3D printer. It is more accurate and precise than any other 3D printer on the market today. This is what CRAFT3D promise on their Kickstarter page.

CRAFT3D is a startup looking to be a big name in the 3D printing world. They made their first prototype back in 2014, and are very passionate about their project.

So let’s have a look at what they’ve got!


How is Integrator different to other printers?


Integrator is DLP 3D printer based on SLA (stereolithography). Stereolithography, also known as Photo-Solidification, is a 3D printer stacking up resin layer by layer using ultraviolet light.

In comparison with the most well-known FDM and FFF 3D printers, Integrator is far more precise and less time-consuming. In addition, Integrator is characterised by a movable beam projector. Users can produce the best quality printing output by controlling its position according to their own preference.

The current 3D market today is divided by two groups: one for advanced users and another for general users. Integrator targets both of these users. First of all, its high printing resolution brings the most enjoyable 3D printing experience to advanced users like 3D character designers, jewellery designers, engineers, artists, researchers, etc.

Integrator is also suitable for the general users due to its low price, which will allow the average consumer to use a high quality 3D printer without breaking the bank in the process.

But what are the features?

  • Integrator has an extremely high XY resolution. Other printers on the market have lower resolution, which can make the surface uneven and rough. Integrator can print highly intricate objects with very accurate detailing.


  • It has an industrial grade LM stage. Usually, high resolution linear stage is for industrial usage and very expensive. For this reason, most of the desktop 3D printers on the market today are obliged to install low cost linear stage (Ball bushing, Shaft or only one LM Guide). However, low-cost linear stage would directly result in impairing printing quality due to its poor durability. For addressing this issue, the team designed and created their own linear stage. Their effort reduced unit cost without sacrificing the Integrator’s precision and performance.

  • It is also highly adaptable for various users. Most SLA 3D printers do not allow users to adjust the printing size and its precision freely. However, Integrator is designed to easily adjust the position of the beam projector for various purposes. Its flexibility permits users to actualise a wide range of printing sizes.
  • Integrator also boasts a light barrier and tilt VAT. This prevents damage to the bottom of the resin tank, as well as stopping gradual hardening over long hours of printing.
  • It has an anti UV polycarbonate cover, which means you don’t need to keep it in a dark room to keep the resin from setting. Maybe keep it out of direct sunlight though..

It looks pretty promising! So go on over and check out their Kickstarter page, read about the other features and help them reach their goal!