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New Solidscape S390 3D printer pricing, technical specifications coming soon

Solidscape has launched its new Solidscape S390 high precision 3D printer, a machine aimed at the Jewelers’ market and designed to make high end custom jewelry production more efficient.

Greater efficiency with speed

The S390 High Precision 3D printer joins the S350 and S370 in the S300 series unveiled last June. It delivers the fastest printing speeds of the S300 series, utilising what Solidscape terms Solidjet technology to automatically generate dissolvable support structures. It is set to be priced at $55,650.

The dissolvable wax support structures, like those in Solidscape’s S350 and S370 3D printers, preclude the need to build supports in CAD and remove them after casting. This means saved time and models not affected by having to clip or sand supports off, eliminating the risk of damaging the 3D print.

The S390 will include a Solidscape base and industrial dust collection system.

The Solidscape S390 on its base. Photo via Solidscape.
The Solidscape S390 on its base. Photo via Solidscape.

Technical specifications coming soon

Solidscape will demonstrate the S390 high precision 3D printer at the MJSA Expo on March 11-13. We expect technical specifications to be released by then.

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