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A New Prosumer Castable 3D Printing Resin from MadeSolid And This Phoenix Leaves No Ash

California based MadeSolid is made up of a group of bright young things that are working hard to develop advanced materials for 3D printers — and not just filament for FFF/FDM 3d printers, although this does fall under their remit also. The guys at MadeSolid have a strong focus on developing UV curable resins for stereolithography (SL) and DLP 3D printing technologies, most notably for those at the prosumer level.

Pete Walton dropped me a line late last week to give me a heads up on the latest material from MadeSolid, which is being announced today — PhoenixCast is a new 3D printing resin material specifically designed for investment casting applications that is compatible with consumer/prosumer level SL printers including the Form 1.

With a long term vision for advancing the capabilities of 3D printers through better materials, MadeSolid’s latest addition to its portfolio has been developed in response to a high demand for a reliable but more competitively priced casting resin from designers and jewellers that are working with prosumer level SL 3D printers such as the Form 1. To date, there haven’t been many options and MadeSolid saw an opportunity to develop a formula that filled that gap.

Mark tells me that the development of the PhoenixCast resin included specific attention in terms of achieving sharp resolution and zero ash burnout — two important issues for casting applications.

3d printing MadeSolid Resin

Considerable testing — in house and by early testers — has resulted in a fully functional, low viscosity resin in this regard, with successful, consistent casting from the 3D printed parts.

However, not wishing to rest on their laurels, the MadeSolid team are continuing to refine the formula and are working further with investment casters from around the US to perfect the formula further.

As of today, the company is taking pre-orders for the Phoenix cast resin, which costs $199 for 500g.

The company plans to start shipping within the next six weeks.