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The new Ooznest OX is super user-friendly

UK based 3D product suppliers, Ooznest have just released another addition to their 3D machine kit line up. Having been in demand since the mechanical kits release, the new Ooznest OX is a high specification CNC router kit that builds upon the existing mechanical kit, the original OX CNC machine by Openbuilds. The team at Ooznest hope to allow users to bring manufacturing back to the home and make functional parts from woods, plastics and aluminum with their latest product.

New and improved with a special touch

Ooznest’s latest release improves upon the previous design and works to “increase the performance and design of the machine,” the company said. “On the Y-axis we have added an inner wheel brace, which reduces the movement of the wheels, and also helps to shield the wheels from cutting debris. All the plates supplied with machine are manufactured from 6082 Aluminium, then shot blast and anodized in matt black.”


Additionally, using the well known V-Slot extrusion system, the Ooznest OX provides the machine with extremely smooth and accurate linear motion. The kit also features:

  • NEMA23 stepper motors driving all axes
  • GT3 belt motion on the X & Y axes
  • ACME lead screw driven system on the Z axis
  • CNC xPro for motion control
  • Cable carriers for safe machine operation

What’s in the box

Previously, the Ooznest Prusa i3 Kit was reviewed by Tech Radar in 2015 and received 4.5 out of 5. As a result, it was put on their Top 10 list for 2015 and 2016, and currently stands at number 6 on the list. Ooznest, who have become known for providing quality products and kits, are proud to also offer user-friendly manuals along with their kits. The same, therefore, applies to the Ooznest OX, which houses two printed “IKEA-esque” manuals in the box covering the simple mechanical assembly and electronic setup.


Once customers receive their kits, all the hard work is done. Assembly only requires every day tools like allen keys, screw drivers and pliers as all specialist jobs are done in house. A full kit includes everything needed to build a working OX CNC Machine except the router and spoiler board. All the V-Slot rails are pre-cut and tapped straight out of the box. The Z-Axis ACME lead screw is also cut to the required length, and slightly filed, to insure a snug fit with the 688zz bearings. Additionally, different size kits conveniently come with appropriate spoiler board supports.

A kit to fit your needs

Currently available for purchase here, the Ooznest OX is available in a range of sizes from 500x750mm (£969) to 1500x1500mm (£1202.50). Customers who wish can also purchase just the a mechanical kit starting at an affordable £570, making it particularly appealing to a wider range of people from experts to hobbyists. The mechanical kit alone provides a base platform for people to build their desired machines using different electronics and motors to fit specific needs.

About Ooznest


Ooznest are a UK company started by Cambridge University Engineer graduate Ryan Lock during his studies in 2013. Since Ryan graduated and took up Ooznest full time it has grown year on year. With its roots originally in 3D Printing, Ooznest is now expanding their reach in to all areas of the maker movement, their latest kit focusing on the hobby CNC market.