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New Micro DSP 3D Printing Solution for the Hearing Aid Market

EnvisionTEC unveiled its latest 3D printing solution for the hearing aid market — the Perfactory® Micro DSP (Digital Shell Printer) — at the EUHA Congress in Frankfurt, Germany. The Micro DSP is the smallest 3D printer in size from EnvisionTEC, but reportedly boasts the highest resolution.  It is a low cost, easy maintenance and user friendly personal desktop 3D manufacturing system, designed for producing high quality ear shells and ear moulds.
     Using state of the art Direct Light Projection technology from Texas Instruments® coupled with LED performance, the Perfactory® Micro DSP system produces highly detailed ear shells and moulds. It can produce 2-4 ear shells or ear moulds per build in under two hours.  It is optimised to build in a choice of two of EnvisionTEC’s most popular hearing aid materials, opaque E-Shell 200 Pink for ear shells and transparent E-Shell 300 clear for ear moulds.  The Micro DSP has a build envelope of 75 x 56.25 x 100 mm and is capable of resolution in X and Y of 75 microns and a resolution in Z of either 50 or 100 microns.  Utilising a built-in USB connection, the Perfactory® Micro DSP can connect directly to a personal PC workstation just like a personal desktop printer.
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