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New EnvisionTEC Vida cDLM 3D printer cuts dental modeling lead times in half

Global 3D printer and materials manufacturer EnvisionTEC has unveiled its new Vida cDLM 3D printer at LMT Lab Day 2018 Chicago, alongside two orthodontic materials, E-OrthoShape, and E-Ortholign.

The new Vida cDLM will enable dental professionals to 3D print night guards and orthodontic models in less than 30 minutes.

With the global dental market forecast to reach $4.6 billion by 2021, EnvisionTEC’s announcement joins recent news from Stratasys and 3D Systems.

E-Ortholign material for first aligners. Photo via EnvisionTEC.
E-Ortholign material for first aligners. Photo via EnvisionTEC.

The larger and faster Vida cDLM 3D printer

The new Vida cDLM 3D printer combines Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology with EnvisionTEC’s patented continuous 3D printing technology and patent-pending domeless material tray to produce a precise and efficient system for 3D printing dental models, trays, and aligners.

Capable of 3D printing in half the time of EnvisionTEC’s existing Vida desktop 3D printer, the Vida cDLM has a print speed of about 20-50 mm per hour, a build area of 145 x 81.5 x 100 mm, and an XY resolution of 76 microns.

EnvisionTEC’s new machine supports its full range of biocompatible resins for dental applications.

Paired with EnvisionTEC’s premium E-Model Light material, the new Vida cDLM 3D printer can produce 10-12 vertical orthodontic models in100 micron layers within 90 minutes, and 3-4 full crown and bridge arches in 50-micron layers in about an hour.

With EnvisionTEC E-Denture material, the Vida cDLM can print six denture bases in 80 minutes, at a speed of 47 mm per hour.

Vida cDLM 3D printer with sample print. Image via EnvisionTEC.
Vida cDLM 3D printer with sample print. Image via EnvisionTEC.

Optimizing Orthodontics with E-OrthoShape and E-Ortholign

E-OrthoShape is a grey ABS-like resin that prints in 100-micron layers, and is optimized for 3D printing models of the oral cavity with which clear aligners can be thermoformed.

E-Ortholign is ideally suited to 3D printing first aligners, a device that is used after an orthodontist removes a patient’s brackets to hold teeth in place before aligners are put in place.

Combined with EnvisionTEC’s Vida cDLM 3D printer, lead times to produce aligners can be significantly reduced, as the process can begin as soon as impressions or scans of the mouth are taken.

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Featured image shows new E-OrthoShape resin for 3D printing models for thermoforming clear aligners. Photo via EnvisionTEC.