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New 3D Printing Retail Space in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is the latest country to get a physical 3D printing retail space.

3DSVP is the organization behind this new 3D print shop, which is due to open officially in January 2013. 3DSVP does already have an online presence offering an interactive service where users can upload their own designs for 3D printing or select existing 3D models that can be customized. There is a fairly impressive collection of designs readily available at 3DSVP, including phone cases, tablet cases, jewellery and lighting.

3DSVP is headed up by Hanneke van Pampus and Norman van Beek and the new retail space will be located in Haarlem. 3DSVP fulfills the 3D printing service it offers using the laser sintering process from EOS, which is renowned for producing highly accurate products and parts. The company offers a range of materials.

The aim of the new Netherlands-based 3D print shop is to provide natives with a place for them to walk in and interact physically with designers and 3D printing.