3D Printers

New 3D Printing Guide From Make Magazine

Magazine coverMake Magazine has published its desktop 3D printing guide in the latest issue for December 2012. It contains up-to-date lab reviews of the top 15 sought after 3D printers with side by side analysis of their strengths and weaknesses, together with tips on how to use them.

The 38 page buyers’ guide offers the latest reviews, summarised comparisons and pro advice on each 3D printer featured. In addition to the most interesting hardware out there the Make guide looks into the latest 3D software and scanning tips to help you design your first 3D printed objects. The guide also showcases the latest news on various materials available for the 3D printers featured.

Make’s 3D printing guide rounds up by providing insight into the coolest objects that can be downloaded from a variety of service providers and looks into the future of the 3D printing industry in areas such as medical applications. It is a recommended resource for anyone interested in 3D printing.