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Nadcap Program Launches Additive Manufacturing Task Group for Aerospace Industry

A new Task Group to develop audit criteria for additive manufacturing processes in aviation, defense, and space has launched. The Nadcap program, responsible for providing critical process accreditations to suppliers in the aviation, defense, and space industries, is forming a new Additive Manufacturing (AM) Task Group. The Task Group, which has been signed off by the Performance Review Institute (PRI) Board of Directors and Nadcap Management Council, will collaborate with the program’s 23 other Task Groups on associated processes.

Nadcap Task Groups comprise technical experts from the aerospace industry who work together to create audit criteria for accrediting suppliers of various critical processes. At present, the Nadcap program offers Laser Powderbed Fusion accreditation through the Welding Task Group. However, this will be transitioned to the new AM Task Group in the future.

Nadcap is administered by PRI. Image via PRI
Nadcap is administered by PRI. Image via PRI

Joining the Additive Manufacturing Task Group

Industry professionals interested in joining the Task Group should attend the AM Task Group meeting in Berlin, Germany. Attendees must already be a Nadcap ‘Subscriber’ (OEM) or Nadcap ‘Supplier’. A virtual meeting will be the first time the Task Group convenes. This is planned for May, with the aim to develop the groups remit. An in-person meeting is scheduled in Berlin on Thursday, June 29.

According to Jay Solomond, PRI Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President the formation of the new Additive Manufacturing (AM) Task Group under the Nadcap program marks a significant milestone for the aerospace manufacturing industry. This initiative aims to develop specific audit criteria for AM processes, ensuring high-quality production in compliance with Nadcap principles. The addition of AM accreditation reflects the ongoing evolution of PRI and the Nadcap program to address the industry’s needs.

PRI administers the Nadcap program and supports the task groups, each group is chaired by industry professionals from aerospace OEMs that subscribe to the Nadcap program.

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