MyMiniFactory x Tinkercad Easter design challenge winners receive brand new M3D Crane Quad 3D printer

M3D recently joined with Tinkercad to sponsor a Easter themed design challenge on MyMiniFactory. Designed to add a modern twist to Easter by designing a surprise egg with a toy in the middle or a toy within a toy.

MyMiniFactory is the world’s leading 3D printable object-sharing platform, where over 8,500  3D designers and creators from around the world upload and share over 45,000 high quality 3D printable files. This is already the fourth partnership of this kind between MyMiniFactory and Tinkercad, the first browser-based 3D design platform.

Spinning egg for the Tinkercad MyMiniFactory competion. Photo via MyMiniFactory.
Spinning egg for the Tinkercad MyMiniFactory competion. Photo via MyMiniFactory.

With over 400 entries to the design challenge, MyMiniFactory and Tinkercad had a hard time deciding on a winner. There were many creative and original entries such as the Benchy in the Easter egg, the Spinning Egg and the Eggspider. However, one winner had to be chosen. With an alluring simple decor on the outside and highly customizable feature, the Spinning Egg by Rachel aka @HappyKatten, took first place. The spinning platform has great potential and is an ingenious idea!

The prize for this 3D design challenge was the then unreleased Crane Quad CMYK printer.

The Crane Quad 3D printer takes 3D printing to a whole new level, allowing users to feed four filaments into one extruder. Users will be able to print full colour if they choose to load cyan, magenta, yellow and black, or switch between various print and support materials for a convenient, adaptable 3D printing set up. The Crane Quad offers an 8″-cubed build volume, heated bed, Duet Maestro board and LCD screen among other features. Alongside this brand new 3D printer, the winner also received a year-long subscription of 3D filament courtesy of M3D.


The M3D Crane Quad 3D printer. Photo via M3D.
The M3D Crane Quad 3D printer. Photo via M3D.

M3D is a 3D printer manufacturing company that started out as a partnership among friends. After patents and developing technologies they needed, they launched a Kickstarter campaign which ended up being the largest crowdfunded printer in East Coast America. The printer they managed this feat with is the original Micro 3D Printer. In 2016, they launched two new filaments, the Tough 3D Ink and the ABSR 3D Ink. The Tough 3D offers rigidity and flexibility whilst the ABSR replaced the much loved ABS with increased bonding, a lower warp and odorless emissions, that has potential to be the industry standard.

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