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Mosaic Manufacturing improve multimaterial 3D printing in the Palette 2

Mosaic Manufacturing, a Canadian digital technology company responsible for the FDM multicolor 3D printing Palette system, has released its latest multi-material ecosystem – the Palette 2.

Comprised of CANVAS, a cloud-based multi-material slicing platform, and the CANVAS Hub, a device connecting 3D printers to the cloud, Palette 2 will enable both advanced and new creators to print in multiple colors and materials with a more efficient and high-quality output.

“The difference between Palette 2 and previous Mosaic products is that it can be integrated into a 3D printer at a much deeper level,” explains Brennan Foo, Vice President and Head of Growth at Mosaic Manufacturing,

“The Palette 2 integration is similar to the Intel Inside model in [the] personal computer making the output of 3D printers substantially more valuable and relevant to the market.”

The Palette 2 system. Photo via Mosaic Manufacturing.
The Palette 2 system. Photo via Mosaic Manufacturing.

Simplifying multi-color desktop 3D printing

Formed in 2014 by five Canadian college students, Mosaic Manufacturing sought to address the limitations of FDM 3D printing. Namely, the company’s products which address the small selection of multi-color and multi-material models available for download as well as complex 3D model slicing software.

Furthermore, excluding processes such as Inkjet 3D printing, multicolored FFF/FDM 3D printed objects typically require multiple nozzles during the fabrication. Calibrating multiple nozzles is not only time consuming but requires a 3D printer with a stoppage system to enable the interchanging of each nozzle.

Palette 2, much like its previous version, attaches to conventional single extruder FDM 3D printers (through a USB cable and filament feed tube) mixing up to four filaments at a time. 

A kidney made with The Palette 2 system and a FDM desktop printer. Photo via Mosaic Manufacturing.

Streamlining with Palette 2

With a more streamlined workflow for slicing and color implementation on existing models, CANVAS has been upgraded to allow 3D printers to print in multiple colors, without modifications. Additionally, Palette 2 has integrated improved calibration for an easier ‘turn-key’ setup and minimal material waste.

Sporting a sleeker design, Palette 2 occupies less desk space and can be mounted to the wall or printer ensuring a straightforward 3D printing experience. A stand is also included with the Palette 2.

Mosaic Manufacturing is currently collaborating with Dremel 3D, MakerGear, Raise3D, and Robo 3D to integrate Palette 2 into the next generation of their printers.

The Palette 2 is available for pre-order from $499.

The Palette 2 system mounted on an FDM desktop printer. Clip via Mosaic Manufacturing.
The Palette 2 system mounted on an FDM desktop printer. Clip via Mosaic Manufacturing.

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Featured image shows the Palette 2 system. Photo via Mosaic Manufacturing.