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Modix launches “Generation 4” and major updates for its line of large 3D printers

Large format 3D printer manufacturer Modix has announced major updates for its FFF/FDM systems.

The novel “Generation 4” update will enhance the basic functionalities and performance of its 3D printer line. IDEX dual printing, fully automated calibration, fast 3D printing, and other enhancements are some of the key updates. 

“The new IDEX technology allows Modix to expand its offering by answering more types of customer needs,” said John Van El, CCO, Modix. “As a result, Modix reselling partners will be able to close more deals with more types of customers,” added Van El.

Shachar Gafni, CEO at Modix, explained, “Modix continues its journey to becoming the market leader by integrating top-of-the-line technologies while maintaining its printers’ outstanding price-to-performance ratio.” Gafni believes “a modular self-assembly kits approach allows us to move fast and improve our platforms gradually over time instead of waiting for a major release.”

Large format 3D printers by Modix. Image via Modix.
Large format 3D printers by Modix. Image via Modix.

Explaining the key updates in “Generation 4” 3D printers

Modix’s first update is the IDEX dual printing option. IDEX is an abbreviation for the independent dual extruder. This feature allows each extruder to ‘park’ outside the bed when not in use. It enables two print heads to operate independently from one another, 3D printing with different filaments. For example, one extruder may use water-soluble PVA filament to print support materials. Using water-soluble filament permits the 3D printing of complex models with internal geometries. It also reduces the post-processing required when removing supports by hand.

The second update is fast 3D printing, which provides travel speeds of up to 350 mm/s, high-quality printing at 100 mm/s, and faster draft printing speeds. Strong Nema-23 motors on the X-axis, which replace the existing Nema-17 motors, enable what the company describes as “incredible speeds.”  Furthermore, because the IDEX configuration employs two Y-axis motors, one for each extruder, the motor weight load on the Y-axis is lowered while speed is increased.

The third major upgrade is fully automated calibration. Modix now offers a full suite of automated calibration routines for all of its models, consisting of automated bed tilt, gantry alignment, Z offset calibration, and bed leveling.  According to the company, other improvements include optical end-stops that enhance job recovery accuracy and enclosure sealing and ergonomics, powerful NEMA-23 motors on the Z axis, a default emergency stop button, and a fresh new design. Near Term, add-on road map contains a closed-loop motion system, heated chamber, and an XXL-flow extruder.

“After releasing several key improvements over the past year including a new print head, clog detector, and magnetic bed, it’s the perfect time to introduce a new, refreshed base platform. As always, backward compatibility is an important value for Modix, so all owners of previous models will be able to upgrade their machines with these new technologies. Owners of Modix large 3D printers enjoy higher returns on investment over the course of time in comparison to a closed-box alternative offering,” said Gafni.

Part made from IDEX water soluble filament. Image via Modix.
Part made from IDEX water soluble filament. Image via Modix.

Dual extrusion printing driving the additive manufacturing sector

Previously, extrusion-based 3D printer manufacturer Tumaker displayed its IDEX 3D printer line at Formnext 2021. The Tumaker Pro Dual range, launched in 2021, differs from other dual extrusion 3D printers on the market, providing a level of configurability not often seen in this industry. Customers can combine and match two distinct printhead types in one machine, which means they can choose between two Bowden extruders, two direct-drive extruders, two pellet-based extruders, or any combination thereof (for a total of six possible pairings).

Furthermore, 3D Printing Industry reviewed the BCN3D Epsilon W50 3D printer. The Epsilon is the latest in a long line of IDEX FFF 3D printers designed and manufactured by Barcelona-based BCN3D. The system is ideal for anyone seeking multi-material functional prototyping, along with enhanced prosumers, design professionals, and SMEs, and is offered in two models, the smaller W27 ($5,995) and the larger W50 ($7,995). The Epsilon, which debuted alongside BCN3D’s flagship Sigma D25, is at the heart of the company’s ‘Workbench Series,’ a premium range of professional 3D printers designed for the workshop. And like the D25, the Epsilon includes a slew of hardware and software improvements that set it apart from the company’s older models.

Technical specifications of Modix’s 3D printers

Print Volume (XYZ)600x600x660 mm(~236x236x260 inch)1200x600x640 mm(~472x236x252 inch)600x600x1200 mm(~236x236x472 inch)1800x600x600 mm(~708x236x236 inch)1010x1010x1010 mm(~397x397x397 inch)
Machine Size (WxDxH)906x1060x1356 mm(~356x417x534 inch)1556x1060x1430 mm(~612x417x534 inch)906x1060x2000 mm(~356x417x787 inch)2170x1060x1430 mm(~854x417x563 inch)1300x1470x1830 mm(~512x578x720 inch)
Shipping Weight120 KG(~265 lbs)170 KG(~325 lbs)140 KG(~265 lbs)210 KG(~465 lbs)200 KG(~440 lbs)
Z Axis GuidesHiwin Rails-OptionalHiwin Rails-OptionalIncludedIncludedIncluded
DUEX Expansion boardIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Tilt screen & emergency buttonOptionalOptionalIncludedOptionalIncluded
Base Price$ 4,900$ 7,500$ 7,500$ 15,500$ 13,500

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Feature image shows large format 3D printers by Modix. Image via Modix.