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Meet Marco Avaro, a 3D Printing pioneer

Behind innovation, there are pioneers, dreamers, hard working passionate people ready to push the limits for the sake of making our place a better world. Those exceptional minds aren’t driven by greed or fear. Reporting and sharing their exploits is such a pleasure, delicate music to my hears.

marco avaro

Certainly Marco Avaro is one of these true pioneers. Marco is an Engineer from Trieste, Italy. 3D Printing is the passion of his life. When he met Niazai, some months ago, he thought that he could help him. Niazai is from Afghanistan. Some years ago the lost his right leg from a minefield explosion.When Marco met him, Niazai was using a poorly made prosthesis that was creating some serious infection to his leg. Using his engineering skills, and a DeltaWasp 20 40, Marco made a prosthetic leg free of charge. With it, Niazai is now able to walk again, to run again…

And as good news never come alone, with the help of the Trieste Refugees Association, Niazai managed to find a new home, a new place to live and smile again.