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Mcor Technologies Ups another Gear in the 3D Printing Sector

Last week was an exciting week for Mcor Technologies, the manufacturer of the Mcor range of 3D printers headquartered in Ireland. As well as the significant news that broke last week about the company’s deal with Staples to introduce an on-line 3D printing service — initially across the Benelux region and then further afield — the company announced the availability of the highly anticipated IRIS 3D printer with the most powerful colour capability ever and a not insignificant announcement whereby Mcor have appointed RGF, headquartered in Cologne, Germany, as their channel partner for Germany.

The IRIS full colour 3D printer was announced earlier in the year but further significant R&D has seen the platform greatly improved prior to actual launch, which took place at Euromold last week. Named after the goddess of the rainbow, the Mcor IRIS prints in more than one million hues simultaneously as it creates photo-realistic physical objects from 3D data, in contrast to alternative ‘colour’ 3D printers that print only a handful of colours, one at a time in solid patches.

Mcor takes its unique colour capability a major step further by rendering colour as rich, vibrant and complex as it appears on a computer screen. That’s because the build material is paper, the original and natural medium for coloured ink. The plaster employed by other 3D printers turns ink to mud, significantly altering intended hues. Furthermore, Mcor’s patented 3D colour ink permeates the entire part, not just the surface, including undercuts and side walls. The process also provides consistent colour from part to part, with a colour resolution of 5760 x 1440 x 508 dpi.

3d printed skull

“With the IRIS, what you see on your screen is what you get in your hand, and that’s limited only by your imagination,” said Mcor co-founder and CEO Dr. Conor MacCormack. “Ink was intended for paper, which is the ideal canvas for bright, high-resolution colour.”

High-fidelity colour is critical for many organisations in manufacturing, education, architecture, military and health care that need product prototypes, architectural studies, three-dimensional maps and medical models to improve sales, marketing, communication, treatment and logistics. Mcor also delivers uniquely eco-friendly operation and the lowest cost of ownership in its class. Recycling is easy – straight to the paper bin and all Mcor 3D printers employ water-based adhesive so there are no toxic fumes, lasers, airborne powder or toxic resins – enabling the machine to easily co-exist in an office or classroom.

The Mcor IRIS can be ordered today through Mcor’s worldwide reseller network for December delivery at €11,300 (£10,200 or $15,866 USD), the manufacturer’s suggested retail price per year for the three-year Free D plan. The unique Free D plan includes machine use, free materials and service, and reflects Mcor’s commitment to unfettered innovation – encouraging access to and use of powerful 3D printing technology. Instead of discouraging use through expensive consumables, the company rewards use with a flat price.

The appointment of RGF will see this distributor selling Mcor’s range of 3D printers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria — the largest German channel in the 3D printing industry. It is a timely agreement that will see the IRIS making in roads across Europe.

“We are very excited about our new partnership with Mcor. We believe that we can leverage our extensive network to sell Mcor’s range of 3D printers into many markets,” said Mr. Thomas Meurers, MD of RGF. “Mcor’s technology provides top-quality output, colour accuracy, low cost of consumables and eco-friendliness, which will complement products already in our network.”

“Germany is a very an important market for Mcor and we are pleased to welcome RGF as a new partner in Europe,” Dr Conor MacCormack. “Finding a partner like RGF who can provide extensive reach with its 29 partner companies gives great confidence that they will substantially grow our business in the German market and beyond.”

“We are developing a growing portfolio of products, including our new Mcor IRIS full colour 3D printing solution, and now it is about developing the right channel and team to support this. With these things in place I believe Mcor is poised to take advantage of the fast growth in the 3D printing market.”