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Mcor Further Expands its Global Reach

In the professional 3D printing market, Mcor continues to push out across every continent with its professional, paper-based, full colour 3D printing solutions. The company, based in Ireland has long had a strong focus in Europe and the US, but more recently the company has also been busy planning a preemptive strike of paper over plastic and metal in other potential markets as well. Their latest efforts and marketing push are aimed towards Asia and South America. More specifically, with the latest reseller deals, Mcor plans to create a foothold in the emerging 3D printing markets in Thailand, Japan, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

Mcor’s new partner in South America will be Solucion3D. The CEO of the company, Julien Epstein, explains the decision to go with Mcor instead of other solutions to have been quite straightforward: “We selected Mcor 3D printing technology because it is a perfect fit for where we see our business growing, The unique combination of Mcor’s full-colour capability and low operating costs make it a spectacular fit for the South American market.”

In Japan, the new partner of choice for Mcor is JBM. The company, which has previously been mainly dedicated to software sales, has decided to take the concrete step to the hardware sector and sell Mcor’s 3D printers for a more noticeable presence in the Japanese market: “We are very excited about being appointed as Mcor’s distributor for Japan. We believe that we can leverage our extensive experience in the Japanese market. Mcor’s technology provides a top-quality output, colour accuracy, low cost of consumables and eco-friendliness, which gives competitive advantage over other 3D printers in this market,” stated Mr. Taiji Sano, the CEO of JBM.

The Thai market’s new name to carry Mcor’s printers in their portfolio is Septillion. The addition to their line-up is also a strategic extension to reach new segments, as their current hardware has only consisted of the maker-oriented UP!. As is to be expected, the new Thai operating partner is excited about the potential that including Mcor’s machinery in their offering creates: “We are thrilled to represent Mcor in Thailand. It is like a dream come true. From virtual to reality in high definition colours, we believe our customers in various industries will use the Mcor IRIS to help in their work, saving them time and money. The Mcor IRIS and Matrix 300+ will be positioned as our high-end 3D printers, targeting markets such as education, medical and manufacturing. We look forward to a bright future with Mcor Technologies,” stated Mr. Vorawat Vadhanakovint, the founder of Septillion.

Mcor is increasingly present in relevant markets now. With the business-oriented, reasonably priced 3D printers and relatively easily understandable and explainable technology in full colour – even to audiences with no previous knowledge of 3D printing – the continuing success of the family-run company seems more evident than ever.

Source: Mcor