Max (Wax) — Solidscape’s Latest 3D Printer in the 3Z Series

It’s not very often you get unusual rhyming words, and when presented with them in a press release, it’s hard not to put them together. Well, I have to amuse myself somehow, so apologies for the title if it offends you. ‘Max Wax’ will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day, at least, but, I must confess, it is actually a welcome relief from “Dumb Ways to Die!”, which has been rattling around in there for far too long thanks to my son’s near-on obsession with it. On the plus side, he won’t be going near piranhas or matches any time soon!

Back on topic – The newest addition to Solidscape’s range of wax 3D printers in the 3Z series is said to deliver the company’s highest precision at higher speed. The Solidscape wax 3D printing technology, now under the Stratasys umbrella since its acquisition in 2011, has always had a strong reputation for precision accuracy and for this reason has had great success in the jewellery and medical industries. Now, as well as improving further on the accuracy, the 3Z MAX is reportedly now Solidscape’s fastest 3D wax printer with significantly increased printing speeds. As a result, the 3Z MAX printer is able to support higher throughput and deliver significant production gains when working with bulkier precision designs in jewellery manufacturing, industrial and medical applications, according to the company — overcoming one of the key limitations leveled at it. However, the actually speeds are not quoted on the printer specs.

Solidscape Max 3Z 3D Printing

Furthermore, the fully automated 3Z MAX printer offers one-touch simplicity, incorporating a user-friendly touch screen and proprietary software that allows operators of any technical level to produce their own high- precision wax parts ready for casting, and manage the process remotely from a PC.

Fabio Esposito, President of Solidscape, commented on the latest release: “The 3Z MAX is the direct product of our Voice of the Customer program which focuses on customer satisfaction and product innovation. Our customers said they wanted the precision for which Solidscape is known with increased performance. The 3Z MAX delivers both at a very affordable price.”

Positioned as a high-precision 3D printer for direct manufacturing, the 3Z MAX is priced at US$49,650.