Materials Solutions pilot serial additive manufacturing with EOS

Materials Solutions, a Siemens business, will become a pilot customer for the EOS M 300-4 metal additive manufacturing system. 3D Printing Industry is visiting Materials Solutions in Worcester today to learn more about how the four laser EOS M 300-4 will be used for serial additive manufacturing.

The flexible, automated and modular metal 3D printing system was officially launched at IMTS in Chicago earlier this year.

Markus Glasser, Senior Vice President Region Export at EOS said, “The EOS M 300 series is currently the only 3D printing solution for digital industrial production and it especially meets the high demands of production environments. It offers industrial quality as well as an integrated data, powder and parts flow for easy integration into manufacturing plants.”

“As one of the key drivers for the intelligent factory of the future, additive manufacturing plays an important role and as such becomes an integral part of global digitization strategies. We are pleased that Materials Solutions has decided to intensively test our new system in a pilot phase, giving us important impulses for the continuous further development of our manufacturing solutions.”

Markus Seibold, VP Additive Manufacturing of the Siemens Power and Gas division added, “Ever since we started using Additive Manufacturing in the Siemens Gas Turbine division nine years ago, we have relied on EOS technology. We expect the new system to deliver high reliability, increased productivity and integration in our digital production systems. Based on the four-laser system, we will further reduce our unit costs for Additive Manufacturing. This makes the business model behind it attractive for even more applications.”

 “At Materials Solutions we will use this system to continuously expand our additive manufacturing services for the aerospace and automotive industries and other sectors.”

EOS M 300-4 (plus the transfer station M) expands the EOS portfolio of systems for Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS). It has a build volume of 300 x 300 x 400 mm and is designed to meet the highest customer requirements for additive manufacturing in production environments. At the same time, the system offers full-field overlap with four scanners, enabling the lasers to reach all spots on the build platform and flexible component orientation. Compared to the EOS M 290 system, the EOS M 300-4 with its four 400 watt lasers increases productivity by a factor of 4 to 10 and results in considerably lower costs per part. The system is designed for automation and (software) integration into existing and future manufacturing environments.

The EOS M 300-4. Image via EOS
The EOS M 300-4. Image via EOS

Materials Solutions – A Siemens Business, were won the 2017 3D Printing Industry Award for 3D printed superalloy gas turbine blades. You can make your nominations in the 2019 3D Printing Industry Awards now.

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