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Materialise buys majority stake in Engimplan, expands medical 3D printing business in Brazil

Belgian software and 3D printing service provider Materialise has acquired a 75 percent stake in Engimplan, a Brazil-based medical device manufacturer. In this agreement, Materialise will apply its medical 3D printing expertise to Engimplan’s device portfolio. Together, the two companies will work to accelerate the introduction of 3D printed medical implants and instruments to the Brazilian market. 

The transaction involved a combined acquisition of existing and new shares via its Brazilian subsidiary Engimplan Holding Ltda. Part of the deal will grant Materialise access to Engimplan’s local production facility. Materialise will also enter the company’s partner and distribution network in Brazil.

“This investment by Materialise sends a strong signal to our customers and the industry that we remain committed to developing our innovative solutions that improve the lives of many people, and that we have the confidence and support of a pioneer and global leader in 3D printing,” explains José Tadeu Leme, CEO of Engimplan. 

“Together, we can introduce new levels of innovation in the development of personalized implants in Brazil.” 

The Engimplan office. Photo via Materialise.
The Engimplan office. Photo via Materialise.

Providing localized and personalized medical implants with 3D printing

Founded in 1992, Engimplan develops, manufactures and sells orthopedic and cranio-maxillofacial (CMF) implants and instruments. Focusing specifically on the Brazillian market, the company’s current product offering consists of standard devices and patient-specific CMF implants. 

The patient-specific implants in Engimplan’s portfolio already provide unique benefits for the treatment of orthopedic and cranial trauma and reconstruction. By implementing 3D printing from Materialise, Engimplan’s range of medical devices will gain additional benefits. It will allow the development of highly personalized implants, capable of catering to the unique anatomy of different patients. Through this acquisition, Materialise also seeks to transform the medical supply chain, where care becomes closer to the patient. “Surgical planning and 3D printing are increasingly adopted by orthopedic and CMF surgeons, as they understand the positive impact of personalized implants and patient-specific solutions on surgical outcomes,” comments Brigitte de Vet, Vice President and General Manager of Materialise Medical. 

“With this investment, we will expand our medical product and service portfolio, confirming our commitment to strengthen our position and grow our global presence in the medical industry.”

Engimplan implants. Image via Materialise.
Engimplan implants. Image via Materialise.

Certified 3D medical solutions at Materialise

For nearly 30 years, Materialise has placed a substantial effort in developing certified medical solutions, with the aim of helping researchers, engineers and clinicians achieve their desired patient outcomes. This includes various 3D imaging and software solutions that are certified for professional medical use. In 2018, Materialise became the first company to receive FDA clearance for its software, intended for 3D printing anatomical models for diagnostic use. In June 2019, Materialise received additional clearance from the FDA for Mimics Enlight, a 3D modeling software for planning cardiovascular surgery

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Featured image shows Engimplan implants. Image via Materialise.