Markforged launches Additive Manufacturing University to accelerate adoption of 3D printing

Boston-based 3D printer manufacturer Markforged has launched its Additive Manufacturing University program – a new scheme of workshops, learning exercises, on-site trianing and resources. The program has the goal of accelerating the adoption of 3D printing in industry, closing the knowledge gap between additive design and operations for manufacturers, allowing businesses to understand the potential benefits of this technology.

With the successful implementation of 3D printing, Markforged hopes companies will boost their efficiency, enhance profitability, and gain a faster time to market for their products.

“Markforged Additive Manufacturing University is really about inspiring industry-wide innovation,” said Andrew de Geofroy, Markforged VP of application engineering.

“Once we’ve helped engineers, designers, and the manufacturing industry build a strong foundation of additive manufacturing skills, the potential is nearly limitless.” 

3D printing expert at Markforged Additive Manufacturing University. Image via Markforged.
3D printing expert at Markforged Additive Manufacturing University. Image via Markforged.

Developing 3D printing skills and knowledge

Markforged is offering different educational methods through its Additive Manufacturing University. One way includes providing instructor-led courses as part of its Customer Certification Program. The courses will teach organizations how to identify 3D printing applications; to design for additive manufacturing (DfAM); manage end-to-end print processes; and scale additive manufacturing across the business, replacing legacy manufacturing processes. 

For individual participants, courses are offered throughout the calendar year and can be accessed onsite at Markforged, through single and multi-day workshops at its Boston headquarter. Companies can also choose to have the certification program delivered to their facility, with custom-tailored courses designed for larger teams. The price of the course varies depending on the topic of the workshop at the headquarters, and companies can request an invite to gain a specific quote.

Markforged is also providing a free online resource called the Markforged Learning Library, which aims to convey the 3D printing landscape by teaching the tools, technologies and terminologies that have shaped the industry. The service will provide guides, articles, videos and various other resources to help people understand the process and design of additive manufacturing.

Learning 3D printing

The Markforged Additive Manufacturing University is the latest in a line of schemes aimed at teaching the processes of 3D printing. Getting in at an early age, UK-based 3D printing curriculum developer PrintLab was founded in 2016 to “support the growth of 3D technologies in education by growing an ecosystem of products and resources.” The PrintLab Classroom curriculum offers lessons, teacher resources and online courses on 3D printing. PrintLab recently launched two new unlimited-use licences for schools, non-profits, consultants and training programs.

Sculpteo, a 3D printing service bureau, also launched its Fabpilot Education Program in August 2018, an educational service that aims to help students teachers integrate 3D printing technologies into everyday use. It provides educational tools that teach users how to increase the efficiency and reduce the operating costs of 3D printers.

Many high level courses also exist, including MIT’s online Additive Manufacturing for Innovative Design and Production program.

Today is the final chance to make your nominations for the 2019 3D Printing Industry Awards.

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Featured image shows an instructor at Additive Manufacturing University. Screengrab via Markforged.