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MakeX Works’ 3D printing backpack for MIGO lets you walk and print

3D printer manufacturer MakeX has launched the world’s first commercial backpack for 3D printing on the go.

Designed to hold a MIGO desktop FDM 3D printer, this new accessory allows anybody to seamlessly pack, unpack and even move their machine around while it is in the process of 3D printing.

It brings a whole new dimension of portability to the MIGO 3D printer, the first desktop FDM 3D printer from MakeX. The Kickstarter campaign has beaten the funding goal, and still has sometime to run.

You can walk and print with the mobile 3D printing backpack. Photo via MakeX.
You can walk and print with the mobile 3D printing backpack. Photo via MakeX.

3D print on the go for hours on end

The MIGO 3D printing backpack is a compact accessory, with a volume of 35 x 28 x 50cm. Even with a weight of less than one kilogram, the accessory supports the lightweight MIGO 3D printer.

The backpack is shaped to comfortably accommodate a MIGO 3D printer as well as a spare filament spool. Once the printer is placed inside, the backpack’s hard transparent cover can then be replaced allowing the printing to be monitored whilst on the move.

The backpack can either be carried from its handle or placed around the shoulders using its straps. A portable battery with a three hour lifespan guarantees a continuous 3D printing operation when on the move.

You can even cycle and print. Photo via MakeX.
You can even cycle and print. Photo via MakeX.

3D printing indoors and outside

MakeX’s mobile 3D printing backpack epitomizes a “pick-up-and-play” approach, which the company says is aimed at getting families and children into 3D printing.

The MIGO 3D printer can create objects using both PLA and ABS filaments, and its Xmaker software supports STL and OBJ files. Additionally, creative apps developed by MakeX allow users to line up batch prints and monitor 3D printing progress online in real-time.

The mobile 3D printing backpack will free the MIGO from its indoor confines. It will allow you to create anytime and anywhere, whether you are stationary or on the move.

The backpack will be available for under $100 after the launch of the MIGO 3D printer. Click here to back the MIGO 3D Kickstarter campaign before it ends.

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Featured Image shows a user wearing a mobile printing backpack for MIGO. Photo via MakeX.