Makerbot collaboration for education

MakerBot have announced they will offer a 3D printing teaching program to over 800 school teachers in India. Vel Tech University, based in Chennai, and MakerBot developed the project in accordance with local governments. The program aims at preparing the young students of India for the technology of the future. The program is expected to train teachers on how to use 3D printers in the classroom in order to encourage creativity and design, as well as problem solving. The program is specifically tailored towards Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM).

Image: MakerBot
Image: MakerBot

The intention is to make this learning a hands-on experience using students’ sight and touch in order to inspire them to engage in engineering. The teachers within the program will be trained in: CAD software, 3D printing design, how to operate a MakerBot printer, and how to incorporate 3D printing into the existing curriculum.

Delhi based 3Dexter is also pushing the education system to incorporate 3D printing.

Students try out 3Dexter's 3D printer
Students try out 3Dexter’s 3D printer. Image via 3Dexter.

MakerBot revenue fell by almost 30% according to the most recent financial report which also saw parent compnay, Stratasys’ share price and revenue drop.

On the collaboration with MakerBot, Dr. U. Chandrasekhar Pro Vice Chancellor at the University said

Veltech recognizes the importance of teaching critical thinking and STEAM-related skills. We are dedicated to building a new education foundation in India through a more interactive and engaging approach with 3D design and printing. Together with MakerBot, a leader in desktop 3D printing solutions, we are delighted to venture on a transformational journey and pass on our success and experience to other like-minded professionals in the academia.

Featured Image via MakerBot