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LulzBot launches the TAZ Pro S 3D printer – technical specifications and pricing

3D printer OEM LulzBot has announced the launch of its new TAZ Pro S single-extrusion FDM system.

The machine markets itself as an industrial desktop 3D printer, and is primarily aimed at professional engineers, designers, and SMEs seeking large functional prototypes and manufacturing aids.

With the company’s TAZ 3D printers usually featuring 2.85mm tool heads, the new Pro S has done something different, and offers a more industry-standard 1.75mm configuration straight out the box. As such, the system is compatible with a whole host of 1.75mm thermoplastic filaments, including TPU, PA, ABS, and rigid carbon-filled composites.

The LulzBot TAZ Pro S. Photo via LulzBot.
The LulzBot TAZ Pro S. Photo via LulzBot.

Desktop FDM with LulzBot

LulzBot’s 3D printer portfolio is now four-strong, three of which are a part of the high-performance TAZ series. The TAZ Workhorse is described as an easy-to-use, rugged printing engine and features a build volume of 280 x 280 x 285mm, while the original TAZ Pro delivers high throughput with a dual extruder setup.

The company also manufactures a portable model called the Mini 2. The machine’s compact frame delivers a print volume of 160 x 160 x 180mm, and is designed to print both rigid and flexible filaments from the get-go. To complement its older systems, LulzBot also offers the Mosaic Palette 2S Pro Kit, a multi-material printing device that combines four filaments before feeding them into any of the company’s 3D printers.

The TAZ Pro S

The latest addition to the TAZ range features a relatively large-format build volume of 280 x 280 x 285mm, complete with a heated borosilicate glass/PEI build plate capable of 120°C. This serves to provide ample adhesion while ensuring smooth surfaces on the undersides of parts.

A maximum nozzle temperature of 290°C, backed by dual nickel-coated hardened steel drive gears, should result in excellent extrusion and retraction capabilities. The machine also prides itself on its diverse material compatibilities, citing support for flexible, rigid, composite, conductive, high-strength, and even chemically resistant filament types.

The TAZ Pro S single extruder. Photo via LulzBot.
The TAZ Pro S single extruder. Photo via LulzBot.

LulzBot has kitted the TAZ Pro S out with a number of quality of life features designed to make the printing experience all the more pleasant. The machine’s XYZ backlash compensation improves part quality via a reduction in Z wobble, while its filament runout sensor helps users save on material costs by reducing print failures. A new set of 32-bit electronics provide greater processing power, and come complete with reinforced electrical connectors for longer cable life.

To top things off, the machine’s automated XYZ offset calibration, nozzle wiping, and automated bed leveling functions can all be accessed through the 5” full-color touchscreen. LulzBot’s own modified Cura slicer includes a wide variety of ready-to-use print profiles, and has been tested for over 35 filament types.

Parts 3D printed on the TAZ Pro S. Photo via LulzBot.

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications for the LulzBot TAZ Pro S. The machine is available to order now for a price of $3,995.

Build volume 280 x 280 x 285mm
Nozzle Single 0.5mm
Max. nozzle temperature                                         120°C – 290°C
Max. bed temperature 120°C
Layer resolution 0.05 – 0.5mm
Filament diameter 1.75mm
Print surface Borosilicate Glass/PEI
Leveling Automatic


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Featured image shows the LulzBot TAZ Pro S 3D printer. Photo via LulzBot.