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Loci’s Sculptural 3D Printed Flight Paths

3D printing has always been about making the virtual tangible. But have you ever considered making the aerial tangible?

If you have a treasured memory of a flight, be it a family holiday, a honeymoon or even all your flights from a given year, Loci can give substance to your memory and create a unique 3D printed sculpture of your voyages.

loci – 3D Printed Sculptures From Your Flights from Andrew Spitz on Vimeo.

Loci is a prototype application made by Netherlands-based interaction and sound designer Andrew Spitz,which not only allows the user to track his or her flights, but also to select specific flight paths that are meaningful. To make all this easier, users can connect and import data from Tripit and Foursquare airport check ins automatically.

The software places the flight paths as a visualisation over a map of the world where you can adjust, recolour and date your flight paths. Once the user is satisfied with the result, the software will generate either a file suitable for 3D printing or for those who haven’t taken the plunge yet, send the file directly to a 3D print service like Shapeways.

Each Loci will come with a card printed with a map of all the airports flown to, in the itinerary. The sculpture can be displayed on the card to help visualize the journey. The card will show information that the user filled in when creating the sculpture, such as the title, distance travelled, number of airports visited, and the number of flights taken.

Loci Sculptural 3D Printed Flight Paths

The software is expected to be released as part of an iPhone application called Flying which is currently in closed beta. The hope is to be able to create Loci sculptures directly from the mobile app itself.

Loci, a unique 3D printed way of making your memories last longer.

Source: SoundPlusDesign