Liqcreate launches new affordable ESD resin to expand its engineering 3D-printing portfolio

Netherlands-based independent 3D printing resin manufacturer Liqcreate has launched Liqcreate ESD, a new cost-effective ESD safe 3D printing resin which adds to Liqcreate’s already extensive engineering resin portfolio. 

An opaque black photopolymer resin, Liqcreate ESD is targeted towards supporting electronic manufacturers and service centers to mass manufacture their ESD parts with resin 3D printing. Parts printed using this material possess electrostatic discharge properties, making them ideal for electronic manufacturing and ESD-safe workplaces (EPA). 

This new resin, which can be processed on most resin based 3D printers, also offers rigidity and impact resistance, ensuring that printed components not only display antistatic properties but are also sufficiently durable. With prices starting at just €139,95 / kg, Liqcreate ESD offers an affordable option to those requiring static-dissipative parts designed for the factory floor.  

ESD 3D printer compatibility and applications 

Liqcreate ESD is a versatile material that has been designed to be used on almost all resin 3D printing systems in the range of 385 – 420 nm using DLP, MSLA, SLA or LCD technology. Numerous printers have already been optimized prior to the release of the resin, and many more are expected to follow in the short term. A comprehensive list of printers compatible with Liqcreate ESD is available on the Liqcreate website and can be accessed here

Having been designed to meet the demands of the electronics and manufacturing industry, Liqcreate ESD’s isotropic electrostatic dissipative properties make it especially well suited for the production of electronic devices and components that require ESD. Moreover, components produced using this resin possess rigidity, whilst also being robust and impact resistant. These characteristics make this resin particularly well suited for applications such as electronic enclosures and factory tools. 

Ultimately, Liqcreate ESD offers manufacturers the ability to reduce risk and increase manufacturing capabilities by printing custom jigs, fixtures and tools to protect critical electronics components from static discharge.

ESD printplate with cover Web. Image via Liqcreate
ESD safe component, printed using Liqcreate ESD. Image via Liqcreate.

Liqcreate ESD Technical Data 

Liqcreate ESD has already been extensively validated by industry experts prior to its release, and a full breakdown of the resin’s technical properties can be viewed below.

Liqcreate ESD polymer properties. Image via Liqcreate
1Post-cured 30 minutes with high power LED curing at 60℃ in the Wicked Engineering curebox. These values may vary and depend on individual machine processing and post-curing. 2Material will soften above HDT value but not break/crack up to 250 without force on the part.

Liqcreate ESD polymer properties. Image via Liqcreate.

Isotropic ESD properties 

The ESD properties of Liqcreate’s new resin have been measured by different methods and in different printing directions. AE30-ANSI and SRM 200 measurements on surface resistivity show uniform ESD properties across the part and in different directions, all well within the ESD range.

Liqcreate ESD Range graph. Image via Liqcreate.
Liqcreate ESD’s Isotropic ESD properties. Image via Liqcreate.

OEM possibilities for ESD resins & masterbatches 

Alongside its branded resin range, Liqcreate also provides an OEM service which offers to develop custom materials for those in need of a non-standard formula for a specific application. Through this service, customers can request the development of a polymer possessing precise characteristics, which impact its printing speed, as well as the properties of the resulting part.

With regards to ESD resins, customers can request the formulation of materials with different  properties. For instance, Liqcreate can produce elastomer or flexible ESD materials with a Shore A of 45 – 80, or rigid or high temp ESD materials that can endure chip cycles at elevated temperatures. Once the required properties have been specified, Liqcreate’s engineers work closely with the client to develop the resin according to their specifications. Liqcreate also offers expert guidance on how to dial in their new resins for a given printer, preparing them for production.    

Being an independent resin manufacturer with R&D facilities, Liqcreate is capable of rapidly scaling its production of custom made resins where needed. Moreover, the standalone nature of the company ensures that there is minimal competition or conflict when working with 3D printer hardware manufacturers. This ensures that the firm can work quickly and get resins to market in quantity, avoiding any issues or delays that would keep clients waiting. 

Liqcreates growing engineering resin portfolio 

Liqcreate ESD is the latest offering to be added into Liqcreate’s growing portfolio, to meet the high demands of the engineering and high-tech sector. Alongside its general purpose polymers, designed to provide users with high print accuracy and a smooth finish, the firm has launched the high-throughout MSLA focused Premium Tough and Premium Flex. Aimed towards customers seeking to make engineering parts, Liqcreate has also introduced the Tough-X, Strong-X, Flexible-X, Elastomer-X and Composite-X photopolymers, which incorporate a variety of mechanical properties.  

For dental customers, Liqcreate has launched its Premium Model, Dental Model Pro and Gingiva Mask materials, as well as its Wax Castable resins. Between them, these resins enable the creation of aligner models with low shrinkage and high dimensional stability, in addition to soft tissue, gum-like parts for dental implant models.

Customers can find out more about Liqcreate’s material portfolio, and the new ESD photopolymer 3D printing resin, by visiting the Liqcreate website or reaching out to a Liqcreate representative or dealer.     

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Featured image shows Liqcreate ESD alongside a component printed using the new ESD resin. Image via Liqcreate.