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LimitState Continues to Make Lives Easier with Newest Software

After developing the innovative problem-solving program LimitState:FIX, designed to automatically subvert issues when printing 3D models, LimitState is back with another software program that will further simplify the design process. Introduced at the UK’s Manufacturing Technology Centre, LimitState:FORM is designed to allow engineers to generate high fidelity optimized forms directly, while also accelerating optimization workflow. Ultimately aiming to reduce the weight and material consumption of components, LimitState’s latest program will potentially allow many designers to stretch the limits of additive manufacturing by easing the transition to advanced manufacturing.


Established in 2006,  LimitState’s tools and software products are routinely used by some of the industry’s leading engineering firms because of their dedication to the development of cutting-edge optimization techniques in engineering and design software. LimitState:FORM is a part of Innovate UK’s ANVIL project, an initiative to accelerate the exposure of additive manufacturing by bringing together end user organisations with industry experts in order to promote effective use of the technology. Having already been applied to real-world component design problems in the aerospace, automotive and space sectors, Limitstate:FORM expertly identifies new component designs that are often lighter and more efficient than traditional forms. In a truly unique process, the conceptual design tool performs layout and geometry optimization in combination and enables users to directly manipulate the solution generated. Ultimately, this software produces an optimized parametric geometry form that can be inspected and edited directly, as opposed to working around a mesh produced by traditional tools.

An automative bracket before optimization
An automotive bracket after optimization

Powerful direct modeling technology from ANSYS SpaceClaim allows for straightforward manipulation of designs, as pictured above. Therefore, the ANSYS technology enables LimitState:FORM to come much closer to the mathematical optimum than previous methods. The software can also report just how close a solution is to the likely mathematical optimum, reducing uncertainty in design like never before. The Mercury Centre, an advanced manufacturing research centre has already started working with LimitState:FORM, and the centre now boasts significantly more efficient component forms than was possible with other tools. LimitState Managing Director Matthew Gilbert cites the latest software as a “milestone for the industry,” as the innovative technology is a “crucial technique in next generation engineering design.” LimitState:FORM is now available directly from LimitState and will soon be available from selected resellers.

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