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Layered Labs’ “Design a 3D Printer” Challenge

Layered Labs and GrabCAD have launched an intriguing challenge that involves designing your own 3D printer. The idea is to sketch up something that will not only be seen in the actual 3D printer itself, but also eventually shape an entire brand with a variety of products.

Layered Labs has listed some requirements for the design, including ease of manufacturing and elegance plus uniqueness in the design language. All of this needs to translate to a design that will subsequently have to appeal to average consumers, and this will inevitably negate some of the more far out approaches and forms in favour of functionality. There are also other parameters – technical ones – that need to be taken into consideration, such as placing the electronics on the bottom of the 3D printer, four chambers for filament spools among other criteria. References given to map out the desired elements are classic ones in the consumer tech design world – Leica cameras and Apple’s products.

The first prize will fill your wallet with $2,500, the 3D printer you have designed (if going into production) accompanied by some GrabCAD branded items. Sound interesting? Then head to the source link for more information on the competition and the rules – the competition will end on February 20th.

Source: GrabCAD


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