Latest 3D Printing Jobs at CEL robox, Fathom, Alder Global Technologies LLC & Kodama Inc.

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The latest additive manufacturing career openings include, a UK based 3D printer manufacturer, a California 3D printing and services bureau, reverse engineering positions and a Berlin based electrical engineer.

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CEL robox: 3D Printing Software Developer & Technician

Based in Portishead near Bristol, UK. CEL is the developer of the Robox line of 3D Printers. The manufacturer is recruiting a software developer to join its team of mechanical engineers. This person will have excellent mathematical understanding of three dimensional spaces and have the ability to plan and prioritise to ensure realistic goals are met.

Strong debugging and test abilities are necessary as is familiarity with Git, Jenkins, Jira and Netbeans IDE. Experience with robotics, machine code, 3D printing or CNC control is required. Additionally, excellent project management skills to ensure resources and code are efficient and easy to maintain.

Apply for CEL’s 3D Printer Software Development position now.

RoboxPRO on a desktop. Photo via CEL.

CEL is also recruiting an entry level technician. The job involves using CNC machinery to create a new line of 3D printers.

This is a good opportunity for someone looking to get into or advance their skills in mechanical design and engineering. The ideal candidate will be an individual capable of using typical hand tools safely and with competence, excited by mechanical concepts and eager to learn more.

If this sounds of interest, apply here for CEL’s Technician opening.

Fathom: Account Manager (Seattle & Oakland), Production Technician – SLA (Oakland) & Principal Software Engineer (Oakland)

Fathom, a California based rapid prototyping bureau driven by providing advanced manufacturing solutions to their customers, is recruiting for its Oakland and Seattle offices.

Two of the available four positions are for account managers. These individuals will be tasked with prospecting new business to add to the sales channel. Fathom ask for a Bachelor’s degree and are seeking someone comfortable with cold calling, managing stands at public events and trade shows. Strong administrative and sales proficiency as well as an interest in 3D Printing are the minimum requirements for these roles.

See below and apply for the latest Fathom postings:

Account Manager (Seattle)

Account Manager (Oakland)

Production Technician – SLA (Oakland)

Principal Software Engineer (Oakland)

Nano Dimension and FATHOM at CES 2017. Photo via @studiofathom on Twitter.
Nano Dimension and the 3D printed FATHOM circuitboard at CES 2017. Photo via @studiofathom on Twitter.

Alder Global Technologies LLC: Computer Aided Design Drafting

Alder Global Technologies LLC is a consultancy specialising in manufacturing segments supporting Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Heavy Duty & Medium Duty Trucks, Heavy Duty Offroad, Industrial and Aftermarket parts.

Recent focus has been on additive manufacturing and it looks to assist companies integrating the technology into their current operations.

The position Alder Global Technologies is recruiting for primarily consists of reverse engineering for 3D printed parts. Successful candidates must have strong computer aided design (CAD) proficiency and a keen eye for innovations. The role is not location specific, applicants will work remotely.

Apply for this opening below:

Computer Aided Design Drafting  

Kodama Inc: Electrical Engineer, Manufacturing/Ops Manager

Kodama Inc a multinational corporation, look to bring affordable 3D printing technologies to the masses. The company’s aim is to encourage a large pool of makers to test their creativity by providing innovative, technologically advanced printers at an affordable price.

To aid in its process, Kodama Inc is recruiting an electrical engineer to design and develop circuit boards (PCB) for 3D printers. The successful candidate will be based in Kodama’s new Berlin office but also have the flexibility to work remotely and benefit from the company’s  international ties. The role involves providing technical assistance in conceptualization, layout design and in-house testing.

Apply to be Kodama Inc’s Electrical Engineer here.

The other position available is for a manufacturing/OPS manager in Shanghai. This role requires the successful candidate to lead production planning, manufacturing and assembly. For an individual passionate about 3D printing, s/he will be asked to supervise the purchasing and shipping of goods and be responsible for the effective production and quality assurance of thousands of units of goods.

Apply for the Manufacturing/OPS Management position here.

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