3D Printers

Janne Kyttanen Interview with Dezeen

Architecture and design magazine Dezeen is doing a series of video interviews with pioneering figures in the world of additive manufacturing. The first of the series features Freedom of Creation co-founder and 3D Systems creative director Janne Kyttanen. According to Janne the technology behind 3d printing hasn’t changed that much during the past few years, but it’s the interest towards the technology that has gone through the roof. “We want to put 3D printing in every home”, says Janne. Check out the video to hear more about Janne’s vision for 3d Printing and 3D Systems. We are looking forward to the rest of Dezeen’s interviews!

“We want to put 3D printing in every home” – Janne Kyttanen from Dezeen on Vimeo.

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