Investment opportunities in 3D printing


Kapitall Wire noted that 3D Systems reported earnings for the first quarter exceeding the expectations. The expected revenue $4 million, was exceeded by incredible $73.9 million, totaling $77.9 in earned revenue.

April 25 3D Systems announced the release of the next generation ProJet™ 3500 professional series that allows the user to make several configurations and settings, and have the material abilities for higher definition usage. According to the VP of Product & Channel Management said, “We have listened to our customers and advanced our ProJet(TM) technology to professional-grade performance and ease-of-use. We are excited to bring next-generation 3D printers that deliver greater productivity, enhanced performance and production-floor-readiness for the benefit of our growing installed base globally.”

According to DailyFinance, another industry giant Stratasys just recently announced a strategic acquisition of Objet in order to reach more markets, grow in scale and offer a better selection of products.

Note for investors

Revenues are growing, but should be noted that 3D printing is still expensive for the end user. Who ever comes up with a way to reduce that cost will likely to place on top of the game.