3D Systems acquires My Robot Nation

As reported in CNET, 3D Systems announced yesterday acquiring a California based start up company called My Robot Nation, that allows their customers to design their own 3D printed robots.

This is not the first acquisition on 3D Systems belt. They have been stacking up the purchases up to 24 companies related to 3D printing over the past couple of years. 3D systems strategy is to add many new technologies and applications in their portfolio focusing towards the consumer market in the future.

My Nation Robot was an interesting and important acquisition for 3D Systems, because they had gathered a large database of customers who assumedly would be interested in 3D printed products in the future more and more.

3D Systems introduced recently a new home 3D printer platform called Cubify, and My Robot Nation acquisition fits perfectly into this scenario.

The companies did not reveal the financial terms of the acquisition, but My Robot Nation brand is not likely to disappear. The service is accessible via and

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