Introduction to 3D Printing — A Hands-on Workshop

Later this month, Anarkik3D will run a 1-day course described as an introduction to 3D printing for creative people, focussing on what you can do with it.

This is a practical, hands-on and upbeat workshop for creative people that do not use 3D CAD and it will focus on the potential that 3D printing offers within the creative process. Attendees at the workshop will be using Cloud9 3D modelling software – interactive, hapticated 3D design software for creating 3D models that can subsequently be 3D printed.

The course is being held on 25th January and will run from  9:30am to 4:00pm at Anarkik3D’s studio office in Edinburgh. The intended outcome is to provide practical knowledge and information about 3D printing and the input required for success with customized creativity.

Anyone interested in attending can register via Anarkik’s website.