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iMakr partners with Raise3D

iMakr, the world leading retailer of best-in-class desktop 3D Printers, is delighted to announce its partnership with Raise3D, the 3D Printing company with the most successful Kickstarter campaign for large-format FDM 3D Printers. In late 2015, 348 backers committed nearly half million dollars on Raise3D campaign.




The partnership between iMakr and Raise3D will see iMakr taking care of the distribution and the technical support for all Raise3D customers in Europe. The deal is due to start on the 10th of May with the fulfillment of European Kickstarters backers and iMakr pre-orders.

iMakr, based in Central London, will support Raise3D with its logistics capabilities, its customer support service and its team of engineers. With this partnership, Raise3D is offering the best possible after sale support to its European customers. This should help the company growing further and achieving its goal to become a leading FDM 3D Printers manufacturer.

Raise3D N series machines have been praised for their exceptional features such a large build volume (up to12’’ x 12’’ x 24’’), an all metal extruder able to heat up to 300oC and to print 10 different kinds of filaments (ABS, PLA, PLA+, PC, PETG, TPU, HIPS, bronze composite,…), a touch-screen user interface, a remote monitoring and print job management through WiFi and Ethernet, a Z resolution as low as 10 micron, a slick looking aluminium frame and acrylic panelling, a heated bed platform with a removable borosilicate glass plate and ideaMaker a powerful easy to use slicing software.




Raise3D and iMakr partnership details

Raise3D founder Edward Fend spent over 4 years working on delivering the best possible 3D Printer at the best possible price. He is delighted to have found the ideal partner to provide outstanding customer service to its European clients. In the USA, Raised3D is directly taking care of its customers from its Californian headquarter. Wei Liu, COO at iMakr is commenting on the partnership: “I followed Raise3D since their early days. After the test of the N-series printers by our engineers, I knew that Edward and his team had managed to manufacture an outstanding product. I worked, then, closely with Raise3D to elaborate the best partnership to support their customers. I believe we have all what it takes to provide the right after sales service to Raise3D customers. Edward’s commitment is another sign of iMakr unique capacity to support the growth of best-in-class 3D Printers manufacturers”.

Members of the Raise3D team were educated in prestigious universities all over the world, including Fudan University and Zhejiang University in China, and California Institute of Technology and University of Southern California in the United States.