How to Design Breakthrough Inventions

For those following 60 Minutes closely, you may have seen this piece of Rose Charlie on David Kelley, the man behind IDEO – a company that has created thousands of innovations including the first mouse for Apple and the upright toothpaste tube. IDEO may well be one of the most innovative product design companies in the world.

David Kelley was a long time friend of Steve Jobs and a pioneer of a concept called ‘design thinking’ and incorporating human behaviour in to product design.

According to Kelley the key of  ‘design thinking’ is that it allows you to build up on others’ ideas, which would simply be impossible with just one mind.

The IDEO approach to problem solving is through combining great minds together from different backgrounds, and then brainstorming an idea, which can lead to fantastic results and innovations. The approach builds on solving problems that people have by observing them use a product and then identifying where they encounter the problem, in order to solve it.

Kelley is also a 3D printing enthusiast and is tinkering in his workshop on a Printrbot project with his 15-year-old daughter, Claire.

If you haven’t seen the 60 minutes footage yet, have a look, it’s a great story.

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