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HMS Industries becomes valued customer of Rize One 3D printer

Rize has announced that HMS Industries, Inc. is the latest customer of the Rize One 3D printer. The Indiana County manufacturer of custom metal stamping and industrial tooling has installed the 3D printer to make jigs and fixtures for holding parts during quality inspection.

Barry Aikins, Vice President at HMS Industries, Inc., comments “Our first 3D printer, my team was able to learn how to use Rize One and be up and running in less than twenty minutes,”

“Our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations and the Rize One 3D printer has certainly exceeded ours.”

The benefits of augmented polymer deposition

Rize started commercially shipping Rize One 3D printers in June 2017. HMS Industries’ Rize One 3D printer was bought through authorized Rize reseller Cimquest Inc. that also stocks Desktop Metal, HP, Formlabs, Mcor and Aptus 3D printers.

The Rize One was selected by HMS for the unique “zero-post-processing” offered by augmented polymer deposition (APD) technology.

A color sample 3D printed on the Rize One. Photo by Beau Jackson for 3D Printing Industry.
Parts 3D printed on the Rize One can have supports removed simply by hand. Photo by Beau Jackson for 3D Printing Industry.

Isotropic part strength, and the relatively low-cost of machine were also cited by HMS as deciding factors in the purchase.

As Rize President CEO Andy Kalambi stated in a previous interview with 3D Printing Industry, “One of our strongest achievements right now is the operating cost of the machine,”

“We have focused a lot on ensuring all [the] parts [materials, labour, power] are kept in check.”

96% per part cost savings 

APD technology is used at HMS Industries to make fixtures used in coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). The 3D printed fixtures hold components in place so they can be scanned or probed.

CMM inspection is part of HSS’s strict control and documentation procedures for CNC machined parts. As a manufacturer of custom components, and service provider of CMM inspection, HSS can leverage 3D printing to meet varied customer needs.

A Rize 3D printed fixture holds a copper pipe in place. Photo via HMS Industries
A Rize 3D printed fixture holds a copper pipe in place. Photo via HMS Industries

Traditionally, CMM jigs and fixtures at HSS would have been made from aluminum, costing up to $1,000 per piece. On average, counterparts made using the Rize One are $40, saving around 96% of the total cost per part. The team turnaround 3D printed parts on average within one working day, saving 48 hours on the conventional production time.

Kalambi, President and CEO of Rize. “We purpose built Rize One with an appliance user experience to bring simplicity, safety and speed to industrial 3D printing and HMS Industries, a first time 3D printing user, has demonstrated its value beyond doubt.”

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Featured image shows a Rize 3D printed fixture holding a copper pipe in place. Photo via HMS Industries